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98point6 Virtual Primary Care

98point6 Virtual Primary Care

98point6 Virtual Primary Care


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98point6 Virtual Primary Care is a solution provided by 98point6 which was founded in 2015. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Digital Front Door (DFD), Virtual Health, On-demand Behavioral Health, Virtual Visits (Synchronous + Asynchronous), Behavioral Health, Improving Engagement & Self-Management, Comprehensive Perinatal Care, Health Equity, and Primary Care.
98point6 Virtual Primary Care integrates with major EMRs such as athena, Other, and Athenahealth.
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98point6 is the virtual care platform to help health systems meet their digital care needs now and in the future. Our 24/7 on-demand, text-based primary care meets the expectations of today’s patients while fundamentally changing the cost of care delivery. Our board-certified, employed physicians act as an extension of a health system’s provider team. We are structured to support a health system in achieving the quadruple aim: 1). Patient Experience: 98point6 opens doors to new populations that a health system has not seen before, expanding their reach and increasing access for a broader population while providing personal guidance for in-system referrals and helping patients navigate their healthcare needs. 2). Better Outcomes: Through real-time data integration with a health system’s existing solutions, we are able to share information and insights on a patient population. 3). Improved Clinician Experience: 98point6 can reduce the burden on a system’s primary care providers by managing conditions that can be handled remotely by our team of physicians. 4). Lowers Costs: By leveraging technology and optimizing the health system’s care delivery, 98point6 can play a significant role in reducing operating costs.​​

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EHR integration

Use case dependent
athena, Other, Athenahealth, Self-developed
Mobile / Tablet (native app), Other
Use cases and differentiators

98point6 delivers a secure, interoperable and connected end-user experience so that patients have an established continuum of care between AVIA, 98point6 and any other benefits or providers.

98point6 offers pediatric care for children who are older than 1 (>12 months) until adulthood (typically age 18 years in most states).

Care for children ages 1-17 years old must be requested by a parent or legal guardian

To request care for a child, a covered adult would begin a visit as they normally would. A list of benefit-enrolled dependents ages 1-17 will appear. They will then select who they are seeking care for, and complete the child’s profile. 

Next, the Automated Assistant will gather information about the child’s symptoms, then will deliver the information to one of 98point6’s board-certified physicians. The physician will have a text-based conversation with the parent/guardian about the child’s symptoms, using audio, video or photos if clinically needed. For younger children (i.e., under age 5), the physician will be more likely to request a video encounter.

Patients. 98point6 delivers a secure, interoperable and connected end-user experience so that patients have an established continuum of care between AVIA, 98point6 and any other benefits or providers.

Client Integration: 98point6 is a consultative technology partner. We do more than just connect a supply of doctors to patients with demand. Working closely with the Client we can help their virtual care strategy come to life by connecting their entire ecosystem of benefits. On the same platform with which they provide digital primary care, our 98point6 physicians direct patients to in-network providers and additional benefits in-visit and in the Care Plan they receive post-visit, increasing utilization and cost-savings and ensuring patients get the right care at the right time.

  1. Access: 98point6 provides on-demand 24/7 access to digital primary care in all 50 states plus D.C. By providing text-based care, 98point6 connects patients to high-quality care in their preferred modality—as evidenced by utilization rates that are 8x greater than our client's previous virtual medicine solution. With no appointments needed members can start a secure visit immediately from the privacy of their smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere. 98point6 caan also increase overall patient access to care by serving as an extension of a health system’s provider network, covering care needs when PCPs are unavailable (evenings/weekend/holidays) or if patient panels are full.
  2.  Quality: By leveraging deep technology and the expertise of board-certified physicians who are exclusively employed by 98point6, we deliver a standard of care on par with what a patient would receive in a brick-and-mortar setting. Our physicians practice 100% evidence-based medicine supported by automated practice standards that ensure consistency of care. Our technology allows our physicians to spend more time diagnosing and treating, answering medical questions and following up with members.
  3. Affordability: Our technology drives efficiencies and allows us to deliver high-quality care at a lower price point than has ever been done before. Pairing AI and machine learning with the expertise of our board-certified physicians optimizes the medical visit. As we change the cost-of-care, our pricing model passes the savings on to our clients and patients.

In a market rich with competitor mergers and acquisitions of point solutions to expand scope of care, 98point6 is developing our product and platform to meet these patient needs through a single platform (e.g., our recently launched fully integrated behavioral health offering). 

Our overarching strategy is to pair technology with employed physicians to create automated, evidence-based care pathways with additional integrations that connect patients with in-network providers and benefits at the appropriate time. Our roadmap demonstrates our commitment to maintaining high quality patient care, improving physician and patient experience and strengthening our ability to offer seamless, strategic connections to a patient’s entire suite of health resources.

  1. Traditional Telemedicine: 98point6 leads with text first but also offers video and voice if needed to ensure patients can access care in their preferred modality. Our 24/7 on-demand service and ability to integrate with a client’s full ecosystem of benefits means we meet patients where they are, leading to much higher engagement and improved patient outcomes. 98point6 is also differentiated from many traditional telemedicine providers in that our clinic is staffed by board-certified physicians who are employees of 98point6. 98point6 physicians must meet our stringent hiring practices, our NCQA-based credentialing standards and undergo extensive onboarding and ongoing training. 98point6 physicians play a critical role in our product and service design, meet our unique core values requirements and hold an equity position in the company.
  2.  Symptom Checkers: These solutions are not user-friendly and often create more worry for patients with a health concern. Symptom checkers also require additional steps to get care, creating more barriers to entry. With 98point6, accessing care from a board-certified physician who can diagnose, treat and prescribe is just as simple and affordable as Googling your symptoms. We leverage our UX design and research capabilities to deliver the highest usability bar helping ensure repeat use.
  3. Navigation Platforms: in most cases, for optimal outcomes, patients should start their care journey with a primary care provider. With 98point6 it's easy for patients to start a visit at any time and our physicians can quickly resolve their concern or navigate members to the most appropriate resources. We're not navigating to a specialist first based on the chief complaint, rather our physicians can intelligently determine whether a specialist visit is required.

Company information

Founded in 2015

247.3M total equity funding




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