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Patient Self-scheduling

Patient Self-scheduling

Patient Self-scheduling

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Patient Self-scheduling
Patient Self-scheduling



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Patient Self-scheduling is a solution provided by Orbita Inc. which was founded in 2015. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Scheduling, Personalized Care, Customer Service, Digital Front Door (DFD), and Patient Flow.
It has 4 verified clients.
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Patients want to schedule appointments digitally. 45% of young adults and 36% of the population say this is important to them.

With Orbita's Patient Self-scheduling, patients can proactively schedule – as well as cancel and reschedule – PCP appointments, repeat visits and routine services through the organization’s virtual assistant.

Providers can send reminders via email, text or IVR using Orbita’s outreach solution so patients schedule routine and preventive care. Likewise, specialists can respond to referrals from other providers to proactively engage patients for follow up.

  • From these notifications, patients can easily and directly link to the virtual assistant without having to phone the office or scheduling service.

It’s win-win. Providers capture critical revenue without overextending limited staff resources. And patients celebrate the elimination of “telephone tag:” They no longer must interrupt their day to accommodate provider business hours. Instead, patients have convenient 24/7 access.

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Founded in 2015

7.5M total equity funding