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ProviderMatch DirectBook

ProviderMatch DirectBook

ProviderMatch DirectBook

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ProviderMatch DirectBook is a solution provided by Kyruus which was founded in 2010. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Scheduling, Personalized Care, Customer Service, Digital Front Door (DFD), and Patient Flow.
It has 26 verified clients.
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ProviderMatch DirectBook is an intuitive online scheduling solution that allows consumers and access center agents to book directly into underlying practice management systems from within ProviderMatch, driving patient satisfaction and demand conversion. Our EHR integrations enable a seamless user experience around provider search and scheduling. DirectBook is part of both the Epic App Orchard and the Cerner App Gallery. ProviderMatch is also part of the Salesforce AppExchange.
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Consumers, access center agents, other health system staff
* Scalability * Experience Implementing & Supporting Online Scheduling * Multiple EHR Integrations for Booking & Appointment Availability * Comprehensive Provider Directory Foundation for Scheduling * Proven Results with Other Health Systems
* Kyruus' extensive experience integrating with numerous leading scheduling systems, including Cerner Millennium, Epic, Centricity Business Solutions & athenahealth * User experience - e.g., Kyruus ingests availability data from a variety of systems, normalizes it, and displays it as user-friendly appointment purposes (e.g. new patient or follow-up) * Strength of the underlying provider directory, KyruusOne, that powers the entire ProviderMatch platform and ProviderMatch DirectBook * Ability to enable consistent and powerful direct scheduling both online for consumers and in call centers for agents
Company information

Founded in 2010

155.0M total equity funding



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