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2Morrow Weight Management Program

2Morrow Weight Management Program

2Morrow Weight Management Program

2Morrow Weight Management Program
2Morrow Weight Management Program


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2Morrow Weight Management Program is a solution provided by 2Morrow which was founded in 2012. It belongs to the digital health solution Digital Therapeutics (DTx).
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Most weight programs focus on having people "eat right and exercise." Sounds simple, but most people struggle with actually doing it. 2Morrow offers a unique approach that looks at why people don't do they things they intended to do. Following the Acceptance and Commitment model, or ACT, this program addresses the values, motivations, thoughts, and emotions that affect our relationship with our weight. It provides techniques to manage unhelpful thoughts, urges, and cravings that hold people back from taking actions that move them toward their goals.   

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Most of us know what we need to do to be healthy (be active, quit smoking, reduce stress, etc) we just have a hard time making ourselves do it. 2Morrow takes a fresh approach to helping people deal with the unhelpful thoughts, feelings and urges that can keep us stuck in inaction. Starting with behavioral science principles that help people align their values, goals and actions, 2Morrow’s digital programs offer easy to access educational content, tips, motivational support, and the ability to message a live coach when desired. Programs are delivered via an easy to use smartphone application for participants. A real-time dashboard for program administrators offers engagement data and population insights.

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Over 50% of healthcare costs are preventable and caused by our own behaviors. 2Morrow Health is a digital health and wellness platform that addresses key health behaviors. We combine self-paced digital programs that are backed by a live coach. 2Morrow Health addresses unhealthy behaviors in a whole new way. The program helps people deal with unhelpful thoughts, feeling and urges that hold them back from reaching their goals. 

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Founded in 2012

2.1M total equity funding




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