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Sonara Health is a solution provided by Sonara Health. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Behavioral Health, Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Recovery, Tele-MAT, ED-based Mental Health Interventions, and ED-based SUD Interventions.
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Sonara Health is on a mission to end the opioid epidemic and save lives! Nearly 100,000 people died of an opioid overdose last year, and approximately 12 million Americans misuse opioids. Sonara Health partners with federally regulated opioid treatment programs (OTPs) to help make treatment more accessible than illicit opioids. Sonara is a patent-pending, remote dosing system developed by physicians to establish trust and add assurance to the take-home methadone dosing process. Sonara provides OTPs with the confidence they need to approve more take-home doses responsibly, to improve quality of life for patients and expand treatment accessibility for those who live farther away from clinics. Notable investors in Mark Cuban and First Trust Capital.

Many patients at opioid treatment programs require daily visits, and most of these clinics are not set up to utilize remote treatment options. Sonara, our first product, is a telehealth platform designed to meet the highly specific needs of opioid treatment clinics and their patients. By increasing access to care for patients, financial incentives for clinics, and savings for payors, our platform will revolutionize the delivery of care for opioid use disorder.

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Sonara is a medication adherence ecosystem that makes Methadone based treatment for Opioid Use Disorder more accessible and convenient for patients through a patented, tamper-aware medication monitoring system. 

We work with patients and their care teams to deliver a more sustainable treatment, improving patient retention and satisfaction in Opioid Treatment Programs. d

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In the months to come, Sonara Health was formed under Dr. Giles’ philosophy that facilitating humanized, compassionate and trustworthy interactions between OTP patients and providers will lead to greater outcomes and have a noticeable positive impact on the opioid epidemic.    

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