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It has 6 verified clients.
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Telemental Services

Iris Telehealth began providing high-quality virtual behavioral health services in 2013. We were founded with the simple idea that every community deserves timely access to quality behavioral healthcare. Our expertise is in bridging behavioral health care gaps to increase timely access to quality care across the continuum. We currently partner with over 200 health systems, community mental health centers, CCBHCs, and federally qualified health centers to deliver telepsychiatry and teletherapy services. We are Joint Commission accredited for behavioral health, which demonstrates our dedication to meeting quality measures in provider selection, patient care, compliance, and regulatory standards.

What is telemental services?
Ability to virtually deliver psychiatry (i.e. telepsychiatry) and/or therapy (i.e. teletherapy) and prescribe medication as applicable.
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Use cases and differentiators

We modernize your approach to behavioral health care, expand your health system’s care team, and improve patient outcomes — all while lowering your cost of care for a sustainable, financially sound future.

Here are the telemental health services we offer:

  • On-demand services: Iris Telehealth is dedicated to improving patient outcomes with exceptional behavioral health care, while decreasing the burden on your care team in the emergency department. We provide 24/7 ED support with a cross-functional pod of behavioral health providers to help reduce wait times, avoid costly and inefficient psychiatric boarding, and improve throughput for your hospital.
  • Bridge care services: Bridge Care Services expands and accelerates access, achieves measurement-based outcomes, and, optimizes reimbursement for a financially sustainable program to fill gaps in behavioral health care that exist across the continuum. 
  • Scheduled services: Partnering with Iris Telehealth for scheduled services means you will be provided consistent, high-quality providers who are dedicated to your health system (including your individual hospitals and outpatient clinics) on a consistent schedule each week – ensuring a predictable coverage model for your organization.

Our provider pool ranges all-ages, adult, and pediatric behavioral health providers.

Behavioral Health Providers: Health systems, community health centers, and CCHBCs.

At Iris, we’re technology neutral and work with whatever platform an organization is using. 

Because we’re accustomed to the wide variety of equipment and EMRs on the market, we’re well-versed in the types of problems that might occur and can help reduce the frustration that comes with technology. 

  • High-quality care models: As a psychiatric medical group that has held Joint Commission accreditation for behavioral health since 2019, quality management is our highest priority. From our rigorous provider vetting process to our dedication to evidence-based care models, we’re proud to offer best-in-class services. 
  • Supportive partnerships: With our highly collaborative approach to partnerships, we offer exceptional support that your organization, patients, and providers can count on. Our seamless implementation process, frictionless technology deployments, and ongoing quality reviews all add up to long-term support that drives efficient workflows and exceptional patient outcomes. 
  • High value at scale: We are committed to ensuring your community can access the quality care they need when they need it. That means we can grow with your health system’s and community’s needs. We have the resources to expand programming as needed, so you can ensure long-term value for your organization.

Our experience and our track record are unparalleled:

  • 2.3M patient encounters
  • 92% partner retention
  • 98% of our partners rate our services as very good or excellent

Company information

Founded in 2013

40.0M total equity funding



Chief Executive Officer, Andy Flanagan
Chief Medical Officer, President of Iris Medical Group, Tom Milam, M.D., M.Div.

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