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StarStarter Rx is a solution provided by Arcade Therapeutics. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Digital Therapeutics (DTx), Behavioral Health, Behavioral Health Screening, ED-based Mental Health Interventions, ED-based SUD Interventions, and On-demand Behavioral Health.
It has 1 verified client.
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EHR integration


Behavioral health

EMR Integration & Relevant Hardware:

Use case dependent

EMRs Supported:

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Hardware Compatibility:

Mobile / Tablet (native app)


StarStarter Rx is currently available for release with healthcare providers, payers and virtual care providers. Our mobile casual game delivers treatment using a unique cognitive training method called Attention Bias Modification Training, and is designed to be used for 12 mnutes a day, 4 days a week for an 30 day initial course of treatment. Evidence during our most recent clinical pilot showed that >90% of patients saw symptom reduction, 68% had clinically meaningful reductions in anxiety severity levels. 

The game is fun and brief, using your ship to bounce off the walls to gather energy and bring light back to the galaxy. Integrated assessments provide support for escalation and triage. StarStarter Rx is currently being investigated as a cognitive behavioral therapy and will be submitted for FDA’s review as a treatment for Social Anxiety Disorder.

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Use cases


SSRx can be easily used as a first-line anxiety treatment delivered through primary care providers. This can be used as a first touch point, and support triage prior to more in depth treatments.

Pediatric use cases:

Use of StarStarter Rx is available for social anxiety in teens and young adults ages 13-21. 


Users are people suffering from anxiety from 13-65, that have access to a mobile phone. 


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