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TCP is a solution provided by TCP. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Clinician Burnout, Human Capital Management , and Dynamic Staffing & Scheduling.
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For 35 years, TCP Software has helped organizations engage their people by providing flexible workforce management solutions and mobile timekeeping. Trusted by 30,000 customers and millions of users, TCP delivers best-in-class technology and support to organizations of all sizes in the public and private sector to meet their complex employee scheduling, leave management, timekeeping and other workforce needs. 

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Use cases and differentiators

Deploy a flexible solution for better healthcare workforce management

Workforce management in the healthcare industry is complex and nuanced, whether it is managing a variety of employee types, tracking and calculating multiple pay scales, tracking labor in multiple locations or scheduling shifts effectively. Managing all of this efficiently is necessary both for smooth day-to-day operations and to enable your staff to ensure better patient outcomes.

TCP's solutions are uniquely crafted to equip healthcare facilities with flexible, automated tools that dynamically manage their staff. Our configurable time and labor management features allow your administrators to monitor staff that work multiple jobs, work in multiple locations, or even command different pay scales. With our scheduling tools, your managers can meet the challenges of ensuring shifts are properly staffed without spending too much time agonizing over manual schedules. And using any one of our hundreds of integrations, your payroll departments will simplify paydays, reducing the process from days to a matter of a few hours, and ensuring error free, on time payment.

Build better schedules

Automate the scheduling process

Input your staffing requirements and have the schedule-building tool automatically create and deploy a viable schedule.

Never over or under-staff

Ensure you have the right number of qualified employees for every shift with a solution that checks and double-checks your schedules for you.

Drive schedules with data

Make your historical data work for you and deliver insights into how your schedule should look.

Track flexible labor

Manage multiple pay scales

Track and manage employees working multiple roles with different pay by deploying tools to automate and simplify the process.

Cover every location

Deploy a solution that can easily track labor worked in multiple locations or departments as well as deploy effectively across an organization with multiple sites.

Automate daily processes

Streamline the day-to-day with automated calculations, efficient time collection and reports that are delivered automatically to your inbox.

Ensure better compliance

Save time with PBJ reporting

Use TCP’s Payroll-Based Journaling tools to save time and energy on quarterly reports.

Follow state and local regulations

Use any of TCP Software’s many labor tracking tools to ensure that you always stay compliant with all labor laws.

Maintain data security and integrity

Relax knowing your solution is secure and your data is handled in line with SOC-2 standards.

Save time running payroll

Simplify the payroll process

Integrate with your existing payroll system to save valuable time typically spent processing payroll.

Automate labor and overtime calculations

Ensure accurate, error-free calculations for overtime, shift differentials, differing pay scales and more.

Streamline pay cycle protocols

Enhance communication from top-to-bottom with an electronic payroll approval process and automated reports.

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