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HARRIS Flex is a solution provided by Harris Healthcare which was founded in 1993. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Human Capital Management , Dynamic Staffing & Scheduling, and Clinician Burnout.
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Today’s health systems face multiple challenges: a global shortage of nurses, physicians and allied health professionals, raised patient expectations for quality care, safety and access to their information, enhanced information security and privacy standards. There is also the ever-rising costs / financial challenges and increased governmental reporting and analytics to drive decision-making and improving treatments.

Therefore, today’s health systems require integrated EHR solutions that provide robust clinical decision support to physician, nurses and allied health professionals in their decision making, are easy to use while being accessible from anywhere at anytime and from any device. Furthermore, solutions shall provide maximum flexibility and scalability to an organization and allow it to independently tailor and evolve their EHR to address their ever changing needs and evolving practices.

HARRIS Flex provides all this and more.

HARRIS Flex is a comprehensive, fully integrated, patient-centric electronic record system. It includes a full complement of modules and applications integrated in one single database. The solution streamlines clinical documentation, encourages best practices while providing clinicians key information to help them in their clinical decision making. HARRIS Flex covers the entire continuum of care – from the ambulatory clinic to the acute care areas to home care and integrates all aspects of patient care into a single, confidential patient-centered electronic patient record.

HARRIS Flex effectively leverages InterSystems’ HealthShare, a robust object relational database optimized for today’s healthcare data, to safely store and expose your clinical data.

It’s new architecture includes state of the art capabilities that facilitate data interchange through the latest FHIR-based interoperability standards. Furthermore, HARRIS Flex is developed to seamlessly support mobile devices using device-agnostic HTML5. allowing them to be displayed on a multitude of mobile devices, including Apple, Android and Windows tablets as well as on desktop and laptops.

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EHR integration

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Use cases and differentiators

Patient safety is at the heart of our EHR/EPR

Near real-time notifications and cautions, reminders and a drug knowledge system are embedded into clinical processes and provide Clinical Decision Support to clinicians, helping them prevent medication and medical errors. At the same time, best practices ensure patient safety and quality of care.

Flexible to evolve with your workflows

YOU are the expert in patient care and workflows at YOUR facility. So, we’ve designed our EHR with the flexibility to accommodate varying needs. We optimize patient care experiences based on your workflows and the way you operate. As you make improvements and adjustments to your workflow, whether permanently or to test a new model, you can easily modify workflows within HARRIS Flex.

Patient-centered care designed by Care Providers

At Harris Healthcare, we’re empowering physicians, nurses and all allied health professionals with the tools they need to effectively document and manage patient care.

HARRIS Flex – Benefits

  • Helps clinicians improve patient safety and the quality of care they deliver
  • Provides robust Clinical Decision Support to clinicians to help them reduce / prevent medication and medical errors
  • Streamlines and optimizes clinical and clerical workflows even when “on the go”
  • Standardizes care and enforces protocols/ best practices and ensures data accuracy
  • Promotes interdisciplinary collaboration and near real-time communication between healthcare providers
  • Increases physician acceptance, productivity through ordering system and order sets
  • Enables exchange of clinical information between facilities and care providers through leading edge interoperability capabilities
  • Leverages information across the continuum of care to help clinicians analyze and influence population health outcomes and enhance overall population wellness
  • Provides maximum flexibility and scalability to an organization and allows it to independently tailor and evolve their EHR with built-in-tools to address ever changing needs and evolving practices
  • Reduces costs associated with unnecessary, inappropriate, or incorrect tests and medication
  • Enhances patient’s overall hospitalization experience and fosters patient engagement & empowerment

Unsurpassed Interoperability and Quick Data Exchange

Our EHR is developed on the most proven and installed electronic health record platform, and has at its core InterSystems’ IRIS®. For true interoperability, we provide several database exposures and fully support HL7 standards as well as web services through FHIR and SSL standards for secure data transfer. Now, you can streamline clinical workflows even when “on the go.”

Clinical Documentation

Intuitive note templates to make clinical documentation easy, fast, accurate and complete. Promotes standardization of care and inter-disciplinary collaboration and communication.

Medication Management

Streamline the entire medication lifecycle: ordering, dispensing, administration documentation and ePrescribing. Includes mobile medication reconciliation and BCMA support.

Computerized Physician Order Entry

Clear and concise CPOE with fully integrated clinical decision support improves communication, quality of care and patient safety.

Evidence-based Order Sets

Single-click orders for problems and diagnoses with embedded hyperlink references for accurate, timely clinical intelligence.

Controlled Medical Vocabulary

Assign disease and procedure codes to enhance clinical decision support capabilities, improve data integrity, and ensure the accuracy and completeness of clinical information.

Secure & Accessible Multi-Media

Photos, video and scanned documents provided in-context within the patient electronic health record.


Supports all key processes for general lab and specialty areas, inpatient and outpatient, from specimen collection to results reporting.


Diagnostic imaging & PACS integration for General, CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound, Mammography, and Interventional.

Health Information Management

Optimize patient registration, patient identification, patient status, location tracking and patient billing.

Patient Portal

Online access for patients to send and receive messages from their providers as well as view, download and transmit their clinical information to another medical provider.

  • Hunderton Healthcare (NJ)
  • Lancashire Teaching Hospitals (UK, NHS Foundation)
  • The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital (OK)
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Founded in 1993



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