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When I Work is a solution provided by When I Work. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Human Capital Management , Dynamic Staffing & Scheduling, and Clinician Burnout.
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When I Work is the market leader in shift-based workforce management software and delivers a powerful, employee-first experience. We give shift workers a voice that promotes fair scheduling and a place to better manage their work life—enabling them to make every hour they work more meaningful and more valuable. 

With integrated employee scheduling, time tracking, and communication, we put collaboration at the center of workplace operations and bring empathy, agility, and consumer-level simplicity to organizations of all sizes. Over 200,000 shift-based workplaces rely on When I Work to develop happier, more productive teams. 

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Use cases and differentiators


Built to scale across single or multiple locations.

When I Work is easy to adopt for teams of any size, and is built to scale across one or many locations. Start with a single location or team today, and scale to hundreds within weeks.


Confident, cost-effective shift coverage—every time.

Let When I Work handle shift eligibility to ensure you always have the right people at the right place at the right time. Quickly and automatically match shifts with employee qualifications and availability.


Get real-time visibility into your labor costs.

Ensure cost-effective shift coverage that matches qualifications and availability with business needs. Prevent overtime before it happens with alerts, thresholds, and limits. Customers have reported seeing savings as large as:

  • 20% Decrease in labor costs
  • 8x Time saved scheduling
  • 3x Reduction in employee no-shows


Use the mobile scheduling app to build, share, and track.

Auto Scheduling

Create the work schedule in one click with Auto Scheduling. Simply create the shifts you need and let the software schedule eligible and available employees with the right qualifications for each shift. It’s that simple.

Assign Tasks

Track the completion of team or shift tasks with Task Lists. Make sure your team is working together and on the same page. You can give everyone on your team the same list, right on their phone.

Schedule Templates

Save time and avoid creating the work schedule from scratch. You can copy and paste the previous week’s schedule or make a template to use over and over. It makes scheduling faster and easier than ever.

Remote Job Sites

Schedule shifts at different addresses or remote job sites. Handle multiple locations or departments with ease. Stay organized with easy-to-manage job sites within the same schedule.


Everything you and your employees need to manage the schedule is in one place—and it’s easy to use.

Manage Time-off Requests 

  • Moderate requests from your team in a few taps.
  • Stay organized
  • Keep a record of requests
  • Increase accountability

Fill Shifts 

  • Make it easy for your team to pick up shifts.
  • Increase shift coverage
  • Maintain staffing levels
  • Avoid frantic calls and texts

Trade Shifts 

  • Give your team the flexibility they want.
  • Empower employees
  • Save manager time
  • Reduce no-shows

Team Availability 

  • Get instant visibility into each employee’s preferences.
  • Make scheduling easier
  • Keep employees happy
  • Reduce employee turnover


Make planning, filling, and covering shifts fast and reliable.

Confident Shift Coverage

Reliably match team capacity with business needs. Shifts are confirmed so you know who saw them.

Multiple Locations

Easily scale across one or many locations. Schedule multiple teams across job sites seamlessly.

Share Labor

Offer shifts to qualified employees and get notified when the shift has been picked up.

Labor Forecasting

Plan for the future with easy-to-use labor tools and manage your labor budget in real time.

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