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boost.ai is a solution provided by boost.ai. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Risk Identification & Stratification, Coding & Documentation, Conversational & Visual Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and Conversational AI.
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Boost.ai is a Scandinavian software company that specializes in conversational artificial intelligence (AI).

With tireless dedication to machine learning, we have developed the world’s most complete software for building, implementing and operating digital advisors powered by our market-leading conversational AI.

Taking advantage of robust natural language technology, unlimited scalability, enterprise-level security and best-in-class privacy features, our numerous clients can rest assured that they provide the level of service their customers of the future expect - today.


If a virtual agent can’t understand, it won’t be able to help. Our market-leading NLU gives our virtual agents consistent resolution rates of over 90% - in any language.


‍Our intuitive no-code conversational AI platform empowers frontline teams to automate customer service without tech support. Because with boost.ai, you don’t need developers to automate.


‍We can build a solution faster than anyone else. After just a few days, the virtual agent is operational and ready for testing. We include a report on expected resolution rate and potential cost savings.

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Use cases and differentiators

No-code conversation builder

With no coding or developers required, our user-friendly conversation builder gives you everything you need to create advanced conversation flows within minutes and easily connect your existing self-service solutions.

Omni-channel experience

Provide 24/7 support on your website, IVR or through familiar platforms such as Slack, Zendesk, Messenger or Microsoft Teams. Make it simple for your users to help themselves, wherever it suits them best.

Unlimited Scalability

Give the right response, every time. Advanced NLU & NLP allow our solution to answer questions and automate actions on thousands of topics - not just a few hundreds - with consistent 90%+ resolution rates.

Intuitive Al training

Powerful Al doesn't need to be complicated. Our easy-to-use training editor gives you the flexibility to update your conversational Al knowledge without the need for data scientists or developers.

Supercharge your service reps

Give your customer service agents superpowers and increase response times. Summarize customer conversations, fine-tune replies and enhance personalization, with these LLM-enriched features:

  • Agent handover summaries
  • Agent answer rewrite
  • Contextual, pre-written responses

Build amazing interactions, faster

By connecting with your company’s website as a data source, we can harness the full potential of generative AI. Our LLM-powered platform offers unique feature that accelerate AI training and the creation of on-brand content, including:

Content suggestion

Accelerated training data suggestion

Action rewrite

Scandinavian insurance companies: 

  • Fremtind Forsikring A/S (NOR)
  • If P&C Insurance (SWE) 
  • Storebrand ASA (NOR)
  • Tryg Forsikring A/S (DEN) 
  • Topdanmark A/S (DEN)
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