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scheduling and replacements app

scheduling and replacements app

scheduling and replacements app

scheduling and replacements app
scheduling and replacements app


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scheduling and replacements app is a solution provided by Voilà!. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Scheduling, Personalized wellness, and Clinician Burnout.
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Voilà! is a smart time and attendance management and employee scheduling optimization platform built for medium and large businesses. Voilà! enables managers to save hours a week and increase employee engagement while ensuring business profitability through workforce optimization. Smart schedule creation Save 80% of time dedicated to schedule management and increase the profitability of your business by quickly creating schedules by branch, team, assembly line or other organizational structures that meet your specific needs. Time and attendance Implement mobile or web punching solutions to control the presence of your employees in real-time or use Voilà!’s smart timesheets to automatically pre-approve payroll with customizable business rules. Receive absence alerts, easily identify any anomalies and export your time and expense accounts to payroll to avoid errors and time wasted processing payroll manually. Replacement management Customize your business rules and automate reminder lists according to your chosen order and timeframe. Let Voilà! fulfill each replacement request for you. All you have to do is approve the proposed changes. Availability management Let your employees submit their availability directly to Voilà! so that the creation of your schedules can take them into account automatically. Centralize your employees' work preferences to build schedules that meet their time constraints as well as yours. Smart timesheets Keep an overview of all shifts worked, absences and punches, including ones with irregularities. Voilà! automatically approves times that meet your rules and schedules. All you have to do is make the necessary adjustments, approve your timesheets and send them to payroll in a few clicks. Monitoring of labor budgets Voilà! allows the establishment of budgets specific to your places and work teams. This ensures the profitability of your business and lets the system alert your managers before cost overruns occur. Centralizes Communication Centralize your employee files and your communication with your teams on Voilà! through various features including messaging, employee notes and announcements. Mobile and web application Voilà! is accessible to everyone at all times via any web browser as well as on your iOS and Android mobile devices. Voilà! lightens the busy workload of managers and workers by offering a variety of tools available on all of our platforms. Voilà! for managers: • Quick and intuitive schedule creation • Workforce planning • Automated replacements and recall lists • Employee availability management • Centralization of leave requests • Labor budget controls • Integrations to the most popular HR and payroll systems • Smart timesheets with pre-approval • Automated payroll preparation • Employee messaging and platform for announcements • And so much more! Voilà! for employees: • Free and easy to use web & mobile application • Intuitive calendar • Support for expense accounts • Support for replacement and leave requests • Work availability and preference settings • Mobile punch • Messaging platform With Voilà!, you can finally invest your time where it has a real impact on your business. You will save several hours per week in managing your schedules, while keeping control of your operating costs. The smarter way to manage your workforce.
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