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LookDeep Virtual Care Platform - with Vision AI

LookDeep Virtual Care Platform -  with Vision AI

LookDeep Virtual Care Platform - with Vision AI


LookDeep Virtual Care Platform -  with Vision AI
LookDeep Virtual Care Platform - with Vision AI


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LookDeep Virtual Care Platform - with Vision AI is a solution provided by LookDeep Health which was founded in 2019. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Virtual Visits (Synchronous + Asynchronous), Virtual Nursing, Digital Front Door (DFD), Virtual Health, Digitally-Assisted Provider Documentation, Clinician Burnout, Smart Hospitals, and Smart Rooms.
It has 3 verified clients.
LookDeep Virtual Care Platform - with Vision AI integrates with major EMRs such as Epic, Cerner, and Meditech.
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LookDeep is revolutionizing telemedicine by using advanced computer vision and AI technology to help hospitals continuously monitor all patients through VisionAI™. Our pioneering zero-cost hardware model and modern, SOC2-certified software dramatically drive down the cost of inpatient video – enabling hospital-wide deployments supported by a virtual care center. AI-powered video monitoring helps tackle critical issues such as patient safety, room conditions, movement and mobility, and patient location and recovery. With LookDeep, hospitals can be present for every patient at every moment. Learn more at www.lookdeep.health.com.

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Product capabilities

Virtual Encounter

Live Video View (Virtual Sitting) or Virtual Visits

What is virtual encounter?
Ability to provide high-resiliency, high-latency video with ability to toggle to phone/audio and support for multi-party video. Patient education that can be annotated. Enable a consumer to alternate between modalities (text/chat/in-app messaging/secure portal). Asynchronous interview (including integrated symptom checking/virtual triage). Ability to “step up” to video visit or in person care if needed. Integration with connected devices, support for file sharing, screen sharing, and group chat. Notification for patients when provider has responded and vice versa. Ability to obtain patient feedback post encounter
EHR integration

Acute care EMR, ADT
Recommended, but not required
Epic, Cerner, Meditech, Allscripts, NextGen
Not applicable
Use cases and differentiators

LookDeep Clinical Action Platform serves to create one flexible platform for multiple video needs inside the hospital (in addition to AI patient monitoring). Supported Tele Use Cases Include Inpatient:

  • Tele Consult
  • e-Sitting
  • eICU (for the ICU or rest of the hospital)
  • Emergency Department (consults / admitted patients)
  • Family Connect (Video Visits)
  • Early Warning / Centralized Monitoring Teams

Care Providers, e-Monitors (Sitters or Providers), Patient Family and Loved Ones

Flexibility, Capability and Time to Value. LookDeep can be up and running technically almost instantly and is regularily building and adding new capabilities that are available to the hospital without upgrades or IT intensive labor.

LookDeep seeks to eliminate the hardware cost ($0 per room) to scale to every room in the hospital and charges based on usage - per patient per day.

In addition, no existing telemedicine platform embeds AI that actually helps monitor patients when a provider cannot be present.

The combination of ubiquitous low cost video for multiple inpatient use cases and a business model that only succeeds if it creates enough value for clinical care leads to long term alignment between the values of the hospital and LookDeep.

Company information

Founded in 2019

$4 total equity funding


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May 24, 2023


May 24, 2023

Solid product - Amazing customer service

Working with LookDeep is a pleasure. From the first meeting through implementation and beyond they have been true partners.

My company elected to use LookDeep's remote sitter solution for patients at high risk for falls. At the pilot site it was common to utilize 8-10 staff members a day as in-room patient sitters. These staff members were being pulled away from their regular patient care duties. With LookDeep we have replaced most in person sitters with a LookDeep camera and one staff member monitoring remotely. 

LookDeep made the initial install and training easy. They were very cognizant of the proposed timeline and worked diligently to meet our requirements. The level of go-live support they provided was perfect. Support was provided by both technical and clinical experts. They stayed very hands on with our team until it was obvious that the project was stable and that our operations team was comfortable in all aspects. 

Ongoing support has met the same standard they established early in the project. The LookDeep team is incredibly responsive to all questions and suggestions. Several small tweaks to their platform have been made based on feedback from our end users. All of those tweaks have served to make the system more initiative to the end users. 

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A verified Project manager working with LookDeep Virtual Care Platform - with Vision AI from a extra small-sized, ACO hospital.


May 10, 2023


May 10, 2023

Excellent, innovative choice for tele-sitting

Our healthcare organization has deployed LookDeep for centralized tele-sitting at five of our hospitals with plans to roll out at another five facilities over the next six months. LookDeep has been actively involved and attentive from the beginning of the project. The concept of tele-sitting can be uncomfortable for bedside nurses to accept. LookDeep has provided onsite support for tele-sitters and onsite education at each go-live which has resulted in a greater level of confidence for the bedside nurses to 'trust tele-sitting'. Customer support has been outstanding. They have been immediately responsive to every concern, even proactive is some cases. They have embraced 'enhancement' requests and have the agility to turn around controlled, tested changes within a short timeframe. The application really does what it claims.

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A verified Project manager working with LookDeep Virtual Care Platform - with Vision AI from a extra small-sized, ACO hospital.


May 10, 2023


May 10, 2023

LookDeep has been a game changer.

We have implemented the LookDeep product/platform for tele-sitting in our system. We are currently live with this program at 5 of our 18 acute care hospitals and plan to expand this to all 18.  

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user image

Stacy Hammett

TeleHealth Administrator, Executive sponsor working with LookDeep Virtual Care Platform - with Vision AI at Baptist Memorial Health Care Corporation



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