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Patient Activation and Outreach

Patient Activation and Outreach

Patient Activation and Outreach

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Patient Activation and Outreach
Patient Activation and Outreach


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Patient Activation and Outreach is a solution provided by Orbita Inc. which was founded in 2015. It belongs to the digital health solution ED-based SUD Interventions.
It has 7 verified clients.
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Managing costs and capturing revenue are top of mind for providers these days. In 2022, industry research showed hospitals and health systems reported negative operation margins for six consecutive months.

To compensate, leaders are seeking ways to activate patients to produce more appointments and revenue. The problem is…manual patient outreach consumes significant resources and, too often, returns disappointing results.

A digital-first approach with Orbita Patient Activation and Outreach means providers can:

  • Optimize call center operations to manage labor costs
  • Reduce the steps required for patients to schedule services that generate revenue
  • Unify the patient experience with integrated, automated communication campaigns

Orbita Patient Activation and Outreach automates patient engagement. Within a single platform, organizations can design, build and manage campaigns for a broad range of use cases – care reminders, appointment scheduling, delivery of test results, medical device updates and more.

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EHR integration

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Use cases and differentiators

A mid-Atlantic health system launched a cascading marketing campaign to enroll new mothers in an infant-care program. It achieved an overall 56% engagement with 300 maternity patients enrolled in the pilot.

  • 82% engaged via SMS, with 46% successful enrollment
  • 43% engagement through email, with 24% successful enrollment

Hospitals and health systems, physician practices

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Company information

Founded in 2015

7.5M total equity funding



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