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Bright Pattern is a solution provided by Bright Pattern. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Conversational & Visual Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Risk Identification & Stratification, Coding & Documentation, and Conversational AI.
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Bright Pattern provides the simplest and most powerful AI-powered contact center for innovative midsize and enterprise companies. With the purpose of making customer service brighter, easier, and faster than ever before, Bright Pattern offers the only true omnichannel cloud platform with embedded AI that can be deployed quickly and nimbly by business users—without costly professional services. Bright Pattern allows companies to offer an effortless, personal, and seamless customer experience across channels like voice, text, chat, email, video, messengers, and bots. Bright Pattern also allows companies to measure and act on every interaction on every channel via embedded AI omnichannel quality management capability. The company was founded by a team of industry veterans who pioneered the leading contact center solutions and today are delivering architecture for the future with an advanced cloud-first approach. Bright Pattern’s cloud contact center solution is used globally in over 26 countries and 12 languages.

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Use cases and differentiators

Route Customers to Their Personal Agent

Customers want to reach the right healthcare department and the right agent. Through Bright Pattern’s best-of-breed AI and advanced IVRs, you can quickly route customers to their personal insurance agent. This ensures that the customer receives service quickly and jumps through less hoops to get the assistance they need.

Comprehensive HIPAA Compliance

Bright Pattern’s omnichannel contact center platform is fully HIPAA-compliant. Designed with healthcare providers in mind, Bright Pattern provides secure transmission and storage of data during customer service, and ensures agents are following HIPAA protocols. Bright Pattern utilizes:

  • Roles-based access controls
  • Encryption of data transmissions
  • Powerful scripting language to collect, transfer, and process customer data

These technologies guarantee HIPAA-compliant call tracking.


Bright Pattern’s platform powers medical contact centers and service teams through the use of AI. Utilize powerful AI to automate basic tasks for workforce optimization like scheduling appointments and automatic billing. Boost agent productivity in real-time through powerful agent assist with features like sentiment and text analysis.

Greater Customer Satisfaction

Ensure exceptional customer experience and patient experience on 100% of all interactions on any channel. Utilize powerful analytics to ensure interactions with call center agents have high CSAT scores and improve first call resolution. Gain access to powerful data and insights into your contact center, and ensure best practices are being implemented in your healthcare call center.

Powerful CX Features for Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence

Utilize industry-leading artificial intelligence for omnichannel routing, task automation, and quality assurance.

True Omnichannel

Provide customer support over all digital channels. Utilize channels like voice, video, SMS, and text messaging for proactive patient communications.


Powerful cloud customer experience platform. Organizations of all sizes can gain access to advanced, new features easily.

CRM Integration

Integrate with any major CRM, like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, or your own system of records. Track the customer journey from beginning to end.

Intelligent Routing

Utilize AI-powered automatic call distribution (ACD) and interactive voice response (IVR) features to route patients to a suitable live agent.

Automated Quality Management

Gain insights into your healthcare call center and ensure exceptional customer experiences with omnichannel, AI-powered quality assurance.


  • UnitedHealthcare


  • American Girl
  • Bentley
  • Pepsi
  • Randstad
  • Rasmussen College
  • Republic Wireless
  • Sun Country Airlines
  • Toyota
  • YMCA
  • Zillow
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