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Kevala is a solution provided by Kevala. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Clinician Burnout, Human Capital Management , and Dynamic Staffing & Scheduling.
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Kevala can get your healthcare organization scheduling better in just 2 weeks. It's that easy. With easy to build schedules, automated open shift pick ups, an employee portal, and an integrated VMS, you'll have quality staff for every shift. Built with new age technology, Kevala is fast and easy to use. Administrators, schedulers, staff, and even agencies all love using Kevala to fill shifts as one great team. So that the care your patients receive is always the best. Kevala also helps manage timesheets, credentials, and produces meaningful, centralized workforce management data. Get more engaged staff, lower staffing costs, and better patient care with Kevala.
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Use cases and differentiators

Smarter Internal Staff Scheduling

Kevala's software allows healthcare organizations to alert their own staff of open shifts before engaging with external agencies. This feature promotes internal staff engagement and encourages staff members to fill open shifts within the organization, reducing the reliance on external staffing agencies.


Streamlined Communication and Administration

Kevala simplifies communication and administration processes by providing a platform that centralizes contracts, timesheets, and invoices. This helps eliminate the back-and-forth between schedulers and staff, saving at least 10 hours per week. The software also offers actionable dashboards, real-time schedule updates, and tiered shift notifications, giving healthcare organizations better data and control over their staffing.


Hassle-free Shift Management

Kevala offers scheduling software that helps healthcare organizations manage their shifts more efficiently. By using Kevala, organizations can fill open shifts, reduce overtime, and lower staffing costs. The platform provides a centralized view of open shifts, eliminates double-bookings, and streamlines communication, saving schedulers valuable time.



Access to a Large Network of Staff

Kevala boasts the largest network of local healthcare professionals, with over 250,000 professionals and 300+ staffing agencies. This vast network allows healthcare organizations to connect with available staff to fill open shifts quickly and efficiently. The platform also enables organizations to broaden their reach by sharing open shifts with Kevala's proprietary network of pre-integrated staffing agency partners.


Cost Savings and Quality Improvement

By utilizing Kevala's easy-to-use software, smart workflows, and insightful dashboards, healthcare facilities can take control of their staffing processes like never before. The platform aims to keep shifts full, costs down, and quality high, ultimately helping organizations save money on staffing while maintaining high-quality care.

Healthcare administrators, schedulers, staff, and medical staffing agencies. 

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Kevala is the only staff scheduling solution that includes float pool management, open shift automation, and an integrated VMS (with ready-to-work agencies already in the marketplace). Kevala is so easy to use, most healthcare systems get up and running with all of this in just 2 weeks.

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