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Wholistics Virtual Outreach Chatbot Program

Wholistics Virtual Outreach Chatbot Program

Wholistics Virtual Outreach Chatbot Program

Wholistics Virtual Outreach Chatbot Program
Wholistics Virtual Outreach Chatbot Program


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Wholistics Virtual Outreach Chatbot Program is a solution provided by Wholistics Health. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Care Transitions, Consumer Access & Engagement, Digital Front Door (DFD), Virtual Health, On-demand Behavioral Health, Virtual Visits (Synchronous + Asynchronous), and Diabetes Management.
Wholistics Virtual Outreach Chatbot Program integrates with major EMRs such as Epic, Cerner, and Meditech.
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Wholistics Chatbot is a text-based patient engagement and referral optimization solution focused on evidence-based guidance and support for higher engagement and better disease management and prevention outcomes. Our solution is focused on 4 pillars:

ENGAGE: Texting optimizes access – even in underserved populations, smart phones are more prevalent than laptops and other devices

EDUCATE: Sharing evidence-based content for managing chronic conditions across all dimensions of health (nutrition, mental health, physical movement, exercise) with links to recipes, tips, third party content, and direct dialing to clinical care/call center.

MOTIVATE: Self-reported baselines, progress, challenges and milestones can be gathered by friendly, easy-to-use chat-based surveys

SUPPORT: Providing actionable recommendations with links to patient assistance and resources (prescription savings, food pantry, free clinic, transportation, etc.)

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EHR integration

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Epic, Cerner, Meditech, Allscripts, NextGen, athena, GE, eClinicalWorks, McKesson, Other, Allscripts/Eclipsys, Athenahealth, Azalea Health/Prognosis, CPSI, Evident, Healthland, MEDHOST, MedWorx, QuadraMed, Self-developed, Would prefer not to disclose, Point Click Care
None provided
Use cases and differentiators

The chatbot program is a general digital wrapper for any chronic disease prevention and management.

Programs for diabetes, cancer, eye diseases, general wellness, hypertension, obesity, are available.  

Pediatric programs (childhood obesity, ADHD, mental well-being) are available. 

For chronic disease prevention and management, the program is available for the users at risk.  

For pediatric programs, the users would be the children (like obesity and mental well-being) and the parents (ADHD, baby care). 

Provides evidence-based content and patient education

  • No app required!
  • Integration to app/EMR available
  • Chat based reminders/scheduling/medication adherence and compliance 
  • Offers one-click dial to physicians office as needed
  • Access to third party links
None provided
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February 6, 2024


February 6, 2024

Looking at expanding this program

“The Wholistics Chatbot gives us the opportunity to engage patients outside of the clinical setting, on their terms. In addition to educating the patient about their condition through micro-doses of content and fun facts, we are now able to track medication usage, and whether patients are having difficulty, for example using eye drops, or whether they are seeing an improvement or deterioration in their vision from week to week. Those patients requiring clinical intervention can be directed immediately to a virtual or in-person appointment with a provider. In addition to generating opportunities for reimbursement on the provider side, we are also making the time spent with the patient more productive and efficient for the clinician, as they are now apprised of the patient’s condition in advance and have a better understanding of what the patient needs. The data we are collecting shows patient progress over time, and we are now able to intervene earlier if a patient is experiencing adverse effects or an exacerbation of their condition. Overall, the Chatbot pilot program has been successful-to-date and we are now looking at expanding this program across a wider cohort of patients including those with diabetic retinopathy. Having spent the past 10 years building telephonic and value-based care management programs, I see great opportunities for using digital health tools like the Wholistics engagement platform to support longitudinal care management for patients with chronic conditions.”

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