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Trauma Black Box

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Trauma Black Box is a solution provided by Surgical Safety Technologies. It belongs to the digital health solution Command Centers.
It has 14 verified clients.
Trauma Black Box integrates with major EMRs such as Epic, Cerner.

Trauma Black Box® is an innovative technology system designed to revolutionize trauma response in healthcare settings. This cutting-edge solution captures and analyzes critical audio-visual, environmental, and patient data during trauma responses, providing trauma teams with powerful insights to drive continuous improvement.

The system's core functionality lies in its ability to record comprehensive data during trauma resuscitationss, including video footage, audio, and environmental factors. This captured information is then integrated with annotation tools and consolidated timelines, offering an unvarnished and holistic view of each trauma response.

Key features of Trauma Black Box include:

-Comprehensive Data Capture: Records video, audio, and environmental data during trauma responses.

-Integrated Annotation Tools: Allows for detailed marking and analysis of specific events or actions.

-Consolidated Timelines: Provides a clear, chronological view of the entire trauma resuscitation process.

-Performance Analysis: Enables teams to pinpoint areas for improvement in efficiency, quality of care, safety standards, and team communication.

-Video Library: Stores and indexes trauma videos for analysis, teaching, and research.

By facilitating a continuous feedback loop, Trauma Black Box empowers healthcare organizations to systematically analyze and refine every aspect of their trauma response process. This leads to optimized team performance, enhanced efficiency, improved patient safety, and overall higher quality of care.

Developed by Surgical Safety Technologies Inc. (SST), Trauma Black Box is part of a larger suite of intelligent software solutions designed for high-acuity environments. It integrates seamlessly with existing systems and is built on a foundation of research excellence, with over 80 peer-reviewed publications supporting its efficacy.

Trauma Black Box represents a transformative approach to trauma care, setting new standards in trauma excellence through data-driven insights and continuous improvement.

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EHR integration

Acute care EMR
Epic, Cerner
Desktop, Mobile / Tablet (native app), Mobile / Tablet (web optimized)
Use cases and differentiators

Performance Review and Improvement:

-Analyzing team performance during trauma resuscitations

-Identifying areas for improvement in efficiency and effectiveness

-Conducting detailed debriefings using audio-visual data

Training and Education:

-Using recorded scenarios for teaching new trauma team members

-Creating case studies for continuing education programs

-Demonstrating best practices in trauma response

Protocol Compliance:

-Monitoring adherence to established trauma response protocols

I-dentifying deviations from standard trauma resuscitation procedures

-Assessing the effectiveness of current trauma resuscitation protocols

Communication Analysis:

-Evaluating team communication during high-stress situations

-Identifying communication breakdowns or misunderstandings

-Developing strategies to improve team coordination

Quality Assurance:

-Conducting thorough reviews of trauma care quality

-Tracking key performance indicators over time

-Benchmarking performance against industry standards

Patient Safety Enhancement:

-Identifying potential safety risks in trauma resuscitations

-Analyzing near-miss incidents for prevention strategies

-Developing safety checklists based on observed patterns

Resource Utilization Assessment:

-Evaluating the use of equipment and personnel during trauma responses

-Optimizing resource allocation for future trauma events

-Identifying needs for additional resources or equipment

Process Improvement:

-Streamlining trauma resuscitation workflows

-Identifying and eliminating inefficiencies in the resuscitation process

-Developing more effective trauma resuscitation strategies

Research and Innovation:

-Collecting data for trauma care research studies

-Developing new trauma resuscitation techniques based on observed patterns

-Testing and validating new trauma care protocols

Legal and Compliance Documentation:

-Providing accurate records of trauma responses for legal purposes

-Supporting compliance with healthcare regulations and standards

-Offering detailed documentation for administrative reviews

Pediatric trauma resuscitation video review

Trauma surgeons, trauma program directors, risk managers, patient safety officers, chief quality officers, ED directors

Real-time Audio-Visual Capture: Unlike EHRs that primarily record text-based data, Trauma Black Box captures comprehensive audio-visual information during trauma responses.

Environmental Data Integration: Trauma Black Box collects environmental data, which is typically not part of standard EHR functionality.

Consolidated Timeline View: While EHRs often show chronological event logs, Trauma Black Box provides a more comprehensive, integrated timeline of the entire trauma response.

Performance Analysis Tools: Trauma Black Box offers specialized tools for analyzing team performance, which goes beyond the scope of most EHRs.

Trauma-Specific Focus: This system is tailored specifically for trauma responses, whereas EHRs are designed for general patient record-keeping across various healthcare scenarios.

Comprehensive Data Integration: Trauma Black Box integrates audio-visual, environmental, and patient data into a single platform, which may be more comprehensive than some competing systems.

Annotation Tools: The system includes integrated annotation tools, allowing for detailed marking and analysis of specific events.

Research-Backed Approach: With over 80 peer-reviewed publications supporting its efficacy, Trauma Black Box has a strong foundation in research.

Part of a Larger Ecosystem: As a product of Surgical Safety Technologies, it's part of a broader suite of solutions for high-acuity environments, potentially offering better integration and consistency across different hospital areas.

Customizability: The system is adaptable to specific institutional needs, which may not be the case for all competitors.

Continuous Improvement Focus: The emphasis on creating a continuous feedback loop for ongoing refinement of trauma resuscitations.

Integration with Existing Systems: The platform is designed to integrate with existing hospital systems.

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