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Talktor is a solution provided by Talktor which was founded in 2018. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Digital Front Door (DFD), Virtual Health, and Patient Flow.
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Talktor is a smart-home medical assistant that allows user to search for providers and schedule appointments with the power of voice-technology. With Talktor, patients now have an easy way to search for providers by location, insurance plans, and medical profession. The average phone call to schedule an appointment takes an average of 7-10 minutes, but Talktor automates the booking process for both ends in only a matter of seconds! Providers and Health Systems can utilize Talktor as an automated patient acquisition tool that directly integrates with 98% of all United States EHR scheduling systems. With over 50 Million American households owning at least one smart-home device, voice technology is taking over digital search and will soon become the form of communication and computation. We want to help providers and health systems improve their patient engagement by getting them ahead of the game.
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Use cases and differentiators

**Provider Search** _“...find me a dentist in Milwaukee”_ _“Okay, the top dentists in Milwaukee are Dr. X and Dr. Y...”_ utilizing data on the National Provider Database, we are able to maintain information on provider By operation locations, insurance affiliations, and experience. By structuring this public data, we are able to have users efficiently search for providers based on their own personal needs. We will always showcase provider information, even if that provider is not a Talktor subscriber. However, we will always showcase our subscribers first to allow for quick scheduling. If a user wants to contact a provider that is not a subscriber, we will provide the phone number for the office if the information is available. **Appointment Scheduling** _“Schedule an appointment with my regular physician for Wednesday at Noon.”_ _“Sure! Wednesday at Noon is available for your appointment. Would you like me to add this to your calendar?”_ _“Yes.”_ When a user makes a request to see a specialist, we will filter through our database to match that user with a specialist that accepts their insurance and operates near their location; even if the provider is not a subscriber. However, if the practice is subscribed with Talktor, it will be on top of the listings to book, adding marketability and patient activity to our clients. If an appointment is not available, we can make suggestions based on time-slot availability OR send a notification to the receptionist that includes your contact information. This way, we always have a solution for moving patient forward. **Patient Acquisition** By integrating with Redox Engine, we are able quickly integrate with 98% of all EHR systems within the United States. Redox will structure our JSON and iCAL requests to fit the required formats of whichever EHR system we are working with. This means that we are able to easily add and edit calendar segments without the interference of a receptionist or call-center employee.
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Due to the amount of supposed “red-tape” with healthcare innovation, it is difficult to improve on even the most primitive departments like reception. To this day, people either need to make appointments over the phone with a receptionist (taking an average of 7-10 minutes) OR they need to pull up their computer to make an online request (which may or may not even get approved). We live in an age where people need instantaneous verification, and that is exactly what Talktor provides. With the integration of a scheduling system and Talktor, we are able to book appointments on our subscribers behalf, saving them time, money, and effort. There are very few current solutions that allow users to book appointments while the reception desk is closed, but now patients have the option to do so without even having to lift a finger. The ease of access will allow for easier assimilation with both young and elderly populations and the systems that integrate with Talktor.
Talktor works similar to an employee for our subscribers. The skill is available to save our clients money and time so that they can focus on more useful tasks. When we look at our primary competitor ZocDoc, we can see that their capital gain is far more important that client satisfaction. When ZocDoc lists their provider subscribers on their site, instead of listing the most qualified or best fitting physicians first, they will list physicians that have paid a higher premium. This means that instead of being a scheduling assistant, ZocDoc has transformed into a provider-bidding platform where those with the deepest pockets are showcased first. Talktor uses an intelligent API called BetterDoctor which allows us to sort, organize, and showcase ALL providers based on qualifications, location, and insurance information. This way, we are always making sure our users can find the best care possible without swindling our subscribers.
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