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PreMedicus ER

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The Digital Patient Triage Solution
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Mobile / Tablet (native app), Mobile / Tablet (web optimized)


PreMedicus® ER is a novel user-friendly patient facing mobile app for digitally guided self-diagnosis that accurately triages over 100 medical conditions. PreMedicus® ER delivers real-time hyper-personal triage advice with in-app 911 call capability, and GPS guidance to nearby pharmacies, physician offices, urgent care facilities or emergency departments as deemed appropriate by the Triage Engine. PreMedicus® ER can be integrated with telemedicine platforms and the digital front door of urgent care, ER and retail pharmacy facilities. PreMedicus® ER initially collects and organizes patient responses to a carefully crafted health questionnaire to create a custom Health Report. The Health Report helps the patient understand their current health status and risks for future problems in easy to understand language. In times of acute illness, the PreMedicus® ER app takes the patient through a brief targeted interview, and in under five minutes renders a reliable Preliminary Diagnosis and accurate Triage Decision using data from current symptoms and their personal health database. The PreMedicus® ER app delivers relevant health education and advice curated from world-class sources about the likely diagnoses, and then activates global GPS to guide the patient to the closest appropriate facility regardless of where in the world they are located. The patient can share their Illness Report with telemedicine or in-person health providers and family members. We performed a real-world pilot study in a busy inner city academic hospital that cares for a predominantly disadvantaged population with high uninsured and Medicaid rates. We proved that our digital approach to Preliminary Diagnosis and Triage was as reliable as that of the ER physicians. The majority of adult patients regardless of age found the app easy to use, and expressed interest in using this tool. Our pilot study data is available upon request. PreMedicus® ER was released in January 2020. We are eager to partner with a hospital system or health insurer in a pilot study of this unique self-diagnosis, triage and health maintenance tool in a large Medicaid population.
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Use cases


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COVID-19 use cases:
We provide comprehensive digital screening for COVID-19 with triage guidance and in-app educational links through a partnership with the CDC. Our platform puts symptoms in the proper clinical context, addressing risk factors such as personal and travel history, and creating a reliable differential diagnosis. Our software then compiles a well-organized report in medical terminology that is easily shared with providers.
Adult Medicaid patients with access to an iOS or Android mobile device (smart phone or tablet).

Differentiators vs EHR Functionality:
• Attracts new patients to your preferred networks. • Improves patient experience using predictably high quality digital interactions. • Delivers accurate and consistent digital triage decisions before and after ER arrival. • Creates opportunities for earlier intervention to reduce avoidable ER visits and admissions. • Provides essential clinical information to reduce provider workload.
Differentiators vs Competitors:
• Designed and tested in an IRB approved pilot study by academic physicians in an inner city high volume Emergency Department. • Digital literacy and mobile app user interface scientifically tested for acceptance by Medicaid patients. • Hyper-personalized digital diagnosis and triage capabilities comparable in accuracy to ED physicians in a high morbidity Medicaid population. • Easily integrated with EHR, telemedicine and post-acute care follow-up software. • Comprehensive population health management platform with customizable dashboards delivers value in sickness and in health. • Analytics capabilities for population health managers.
Company information

Founded in 2015

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