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DexCare Platform

DexCare Platform


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DexCare Platform is a solution provided by DexCare which was founded in 2019. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Digital Front Door (DFD), Scheduling, Consumer Access & Engagement, Personalized Care, Customer Service, Patient Flow, Virtual Health, and Virtual Visits (Synchronous + Asynchronous).
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DexCare Platform integrates with major EMRs such as Epic, Cerner, and athena.
Some other resource(s) that may be helpful in learning about DexCare Platform include: A buyer’s guide to conversational AI and Buyer’s guide to the digital front door

Incubated at Providence, one of the nation’s largest health systems, DexCare is a data-driven intelligence company focused on making access to healthcare better for everyone. DexCare’s core offering is a software platform, provided exclusively to health systems, that orchestrates digital demand and health system capacity across all lines of care. 

The platform attracts high-value, commercially-insured consumers by providing a highly discoverable, fully-digitized and unified experience while amplifying health systems’ existing EMR, caregiver and brand investments. The uniqueness of DexCare lies within its intelligent navigation and load balancing across providers, settings, modalities and service lines. DexCare’s data-driven engine allocates, flexes and optimizes resources to best meet both consumer demand and health system business goals. 

DexCare powers the digital engine of leading health systems across the U.S., including Kaiser, Houston Methodist, Mass General Brigham and others. DexCare-powered digital experiences attract 30% more new patients, 85% of whom are commercially insured, capture 8x downstream revenue, generate over 20% per patient encounter in cost savings, and deliver net promoter satisfaction greater than 90%.

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Product capabilities

Access & Scheduling

Rapid loading, consumer-facing digital and mobile experiences, purpose-built to drive traffic and conversion for health system web sites. Next-generation search engine for health system digital front doors, apps, and other websites that empowers users to find care quickly and effectively via modern search capabilities and a frictionless consumer experience. Intelligently matches care options to consumers by balancing the goals of patients, clinicians, and health systems, and then features the best fit recommendations. The platform also provides multilingual and omni channel options, no app download or authentication is required, is integrated with the EHR, provides available scheduling options including virtual and other provider alternatives if preferred options is unavailable.

What is access & scheduling?
Ability to provide multilingual and omni-channel options. No app download or authentication required for patients/members. Navigation and scheduling through existing channels, with provider launch from the EHR. Allow for patient link distribution to family members. Proxy support is provided.
EHR integration

Acute care EMR, Ambulatory EMR, Ancillary EMR, Website / public online sources, Other
Recommended, but not required
Epic, Cerner, athena
None provided
Use cases and differentiators

New consumers, existing consumers, medical staff at clinics (medical assistants, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and doctors)

Routes to available pediatrics appointments, enables an individual to schedule for their child and enables virtual pediatrics visit.

New consumers, existing consumers, medical staff at clinics (medical assistants, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and doctors), scheduling administrators, and digital marketing and patient experience teams.

End-to-end online/mobile booking, virutal care and at-home transactional platform that supports an access & convenience business model. The platform is built as a consumer-facing technology that is built on modern technology and designed for a 10x better consumer experience. Because it sits above the EMR application, the platform has an integration & service layer which connects the transactional components of the same-day platform with the EMR providing continuity of care.

DexCare makes care options much more discoverable to consumers anywhere they are online. The platform intelligently guides consumers to the safest and best care options, and then connects the resources, people, and facilities, offered by the health system to patients in a way that automatically allocates those resources when and where they’re most productive. 

It guides patients to care options meeting their criteria and books their in-person or virtual appointments in real time. The capacity optimization also generates significant growth and efficiencies for health systems with results such as: a 40% increase in physician capacity through smarter appointment scheduling; a net 30% increase in new patients, the majority of whom are commercially insured; and a resulting eightfold increase in downstream revenue.

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Founded in 2019



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December 28, 2023


December 28, 2023

DexCare was instrumental

DexCare was instrumental as we transformed our ambulatory care model to better meet the needs of patients over the past few years.

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Rod Hochman

MD, CEO, Executive sponsor working with DexCare Platform at Providence


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