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Urgent Care Workflow Solution

Urgent Care Workflow Solution

Urgent Care Workflow Solution


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Urgent Care Workflow Solution is a solution provided by EmOpti which was founded in 2015. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including ED-based Mental Health Interventions, ED-based SUD Interventions, Digital Front Door (DFD), Virtual Health, and Virtual Visits (Synchronous + Asynchronous).
Urgent Care Workflow Solution integrates with major EMRs such as Epic, Cerner, and Meditech.
Some other resource(s) that may be helpful in learning about Urgent Care Workflow Solution include: A buyer’s guide to conversational AI and Buyer’s guide to the digital front door
EmOpti's turnkey solution includes proven robust, secure software that provides remote consult request routing and queue management, and virtual rounding capabilities across multiple use cases. With EMR integration and super-fast workflows EmOpti's solution supports care in high volume, complex environments. The solution is deployed with a variety of cost-effective hardware options, and has been proven to be implemented and used in patient care in as little as seven days. The EmOpti Telehealth Platform supports 20+ in-hospital use cases, all improving the profitability and quality of care for hospitals. *Urgent Care - Triage, Oversight, Registration, Transfer Coordination, Interpreter and more. *Emergency Medicine - Triage, Discharge, Rounding, Registration, Discharge Teaching, and more. *Hospital Medicine - Rounding, Oversight, Sitter, Discharge Planning, Interpreter, Specialist, and more. *Behavioral Health - Crisis Assessments, Inpatient Consultation, Outpatient Integration, and more.
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Product capabilities

Intake & Virtual Waiting Room

Easy to use software integrates with existing EMRs to enable hybrid workflows that allow virtual personnel to collaborate with on-site personnel to speed intake processes.

What is intake & virtual waiting room?
Ability to handle digital form upload & intake. Integrated symptom checking. Waiting room accessible to patients, providers, and staff. Patient/member queueing. Patient can share images or videos. Integration with connected devices for vitals collection. Patient/member contact/chatting. Content for patients to interact with in the waiting room. Notify patient when provider is ready to start visit. Tool for patient to test tech feasibility
EHR integration

Acute care EMR, Ambulatory EMR, Ancillary EMR, ERP system, Other
Recommended, but not required
Epic, Cerner, Meditech, Allscripts, NextGen
Desktop, Mobile / Tablet (web optimized), Mobile / Tablet (native app)
Use cases and differentiators

Urgent Care - Triage, Oversight, Registration, Transfer Coordination, Interpreter and more.
Patients, clinical staff, and providers.

No waiting!

EmOpti Implements in 10 days or less for immediate impact to under-staffing, over-crowding, long wait times and high rates of patients who leave without being seen (LWOBS).

EmOpti does not overlap with existing telehealth or EMR platforms, and makes perfect sense to add this technology to advance emergency room workflows to meet todays standards.

EmOpti works seamlessly with the EMR with minimal staff training needed.

Use of remote and onsite staffing, coordinated through EmOpti software for optimal synchronized patient flow with unmatched speed and efficiency.

Implementation in 10 days or less.

Transforms emergency care with variable capacity using load balancing algorithms, routing and queuing at a super fast pace.

Proven to reduce emergency room wait times by 50%+ and cut the LWBS rate by up to 75%.

Company information

Founded in 2015

7.4M total equity funding


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