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Milestone Local and Reviews

Milestone Local and Reviews

Milestone Local and Reviews


Milestone Local and Reviews
Milestone Local and Reviews



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Milestone Local and Reviews is a solution provided by Milestone Inc. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Scheduling, Search & Transparency, Digital Front Door (DFD), Provider Directory, Ratings & Reviews Transparency, and Consumer Insights.
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 Control your online business reputation. Patients look for you in their browsers, phones, navigation systems, and voice assistants. Centralize and automate the management of your business data across locations to ensure your brand presence is consistent across locations, channels, and customer touchpoints. Aggregate, monitor, and respond to online reviews. 

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Local is the fastest-growing channel, has the highest intent, and provides multiple points of engagement. Local organic is now 22% of trackable traffic for location-based businesses. Location pages increase chances for showing up for the Local 3-Pack and contributes 22% of Organic traffic, 32% of leads, and 28% of revenue.

It's not just UNAP anymore. Enhance your core data, media, and attributes to engage with your audience on search.‘Expertise-Authority-Trust' - the magical recipe to rank on local search. Streamline your review management across channels and meet these E-A-T requirements to drive your visibility.


Managers, Directors, VPs of Digital, SEO, Marketing, Patient Experience


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Managed by a White-Glove Concierge Agency team.

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