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Mobile Payments

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Mobile Payments is a solution provided by Relatient. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Scheduling, Customer Service, Improving Engagement & Self-Management, Patient Billing & Payment, and Revenue Cycle Management.
It has 11 verified clients.
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Accelerate patient collections while reducing A/R days by implementing a digital first approach to payments. With Dash, organizations can improve revenue by:

  • Allowing patients the flexibility to pay balances at their convenience and through payment plans, without log in requirements. 
  • Monitoring payments in real time with bi-directional dashboards.
  • Reducing printed statement costs by utilizing digital automated alerts.
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Product capabilities

Digital statementing

Dash enables healthcare organizations to collect balances and copays anytime, whether it be at time of service or offered digitally through a notification post-care, making it easy for the patients to stay up to date. This integrated solution accesses your practice management data and automatically notifies patients when their bills are ready via the method of their preference (emails, text, etc.). Patients can easily pay their bill online from their mobile device, without having to log into a portal, or utilize the 24/7 interactive voice response (IVR) phone system.

What is digital statementing?
Ability for consumers to receive their statements digitally based on their communication preferences (text, email, etc.). Ability for consumers to go paperless in their receipt of statements and to set the preferred frequency and modality.
EHR integration

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Use cases and differentiators

Consumers today expect a modern online payment experience, and the data shows that the easier it is to pay, the faster you can collect. Payments are a key driver of the patient experience and reducing the burden for both the patient and your staff will yield positive results and improve financial performance.

Patients, administrators, billing teams.

  • On average, organizations utilizing Dash see patients make a payment within 30 days of receiving the first balance notification.
  • Over 15% of payments were made by patients online after normal business hours (7PM ET to 8AM ET)
  • On average, organizations who enable Patient Initiated Payment Plans (PIPPs) in Dash Pay see a 45% reduction month over month in outstanding balances.

Our patient scheduling and engagement technology facilitates appointments for over 50 million unique patients per year on behalf of over 43,000 providers across the U.S In 2022, Dash processed a patient payment every 24 seconds.

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