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Praia Health Identity & Engagement Platform

Praia Health Identity & Engagement Platform

Praia Health Identity & Engagement Platform

Praia Health Identity & Engagement Platform
Praia Health Identity & Engagement Platform


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Praia Health Identity & Engagement Platform is a solution provided by Praia Health. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Scheduling, Ratings & Reviews Transparency, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Consumer Access & Engagement, Interoperability, Personalized Care, Customer Service, Digital Front Door (DFD), and Patient Flow.
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Praia Health Identity & Engagement Platform integrates with major EMRs such as Epic, Cerner.
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  • The Praia Health Identity and Engagement Platform is a managed Platform-as a-Service offering for health systems that enables high value, identity-driven digital experiences that engage and re-engage consumers with their health—before, during and between episodes of care. The solution enables health systems to own and leverage patient relationships, personalize their consumer experiences, and optimize and extend their operational model.

    The platforms’ Identity-Driven Personalization Services create, verify, authenticate, and manage robust consumer profiles that extend beyond the medical record—securely combining data and preferences across the consumers’ health ecosystem. These extended consumer profiles enable highly personalized recommendations—including health system transactions, services, and programs specific to each individual consumer.

    Our Consumer Experience Products and Services streamline the delivery of health-system branded signed-in experiences that fully utilize the power of the platform. Extend your existing custom web or mobile apps, or build new applications that utilize the Praia Health Platform, all via our Praia Health Platform API.

    The platform’s Ecosystem capabilities enable a health system to leverage their existing internal and 3rd party technology investments and take advantage of market-driven innovative solutions. The platform includes integration of the EMR and basic clinical services and can be expanded to support additional solutions for care delivery, population health, marketing, clinical trials research, wellness, revenue cycle, health plan solutions, care at home and more.

    New consumer insight will be realized through our Analytics and Insight Capabilities. The product is fully supported through our robust implementation, transition, and post-launch Service and Support offerings.

    By digitally engaging consumers in their personal health journey and then seamlessly connecting them to individualized services, support and resources, the Praia Health Identity and Engagement Platform creates and operationalizes a digital health flywheel—algorithmically driving net new direct and indirect revenue through recommended actions and operational efficiencies through self-service capabilities.
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EHR integration

Patient portal
Recommended, but not required
Epic, Cerner
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Use cases and differentiators

With over 40 use cases launched or in development, Praia strives to create specific ways consumers needs are met by orchestrating how health is organized specific to people needs. Our categories include:

  • Care Delivery
  • Population Health
  • Access & Navigation
  • Patient Experience
  • Marketing
  • Clinical Trials & Research
  • Health Plan
  • Care at Home
  • Wellness
  • Revenue Cycle
  • New Business Offerings (e.g. Concierge)

Health consumers, patients

  • Unlike EMR portals that only engage patients, Praia also enables engagement for services and programs outside of the EMR

  • Praia's identity services is managed at the Health System enterprise level allowing the health system to federate with the EMR and all other digital or platform application through secure sign on protocols.

  • Praia's personalization intelligence powers logged in users to have an n of 1 experience vs. the same experience that EMR portals provide. The adoption and ongoing engagement is higher with this function.
  • Unlike traditional identity solutions Praia manages identity across the consumer health ecosystem both independently from and integrated with the health system’s EMR. Praia creates, verifies, and authenticates a consumer profile and combines those accounts with personalized recommendations across the entire care delivery ecosystem

  • Unlike mobile shell or DFD offerings Praia integrates data and digital health solutions into a single experience linked to a single identity layer that dynamically drives personalized experiences based upon what is known about that consumer.

  • Unlike CRMs that offer chort-level personalization for batch marketing campaigns & outreach Praia offers N of 1 personalization delivered algorithmically through consumer apps and web experiences, working either alongside or without a CRM.

  • Unlike messaging & communicaitons offerings that offer SMS outreach based on cohorts Praia systematically engages health consumers through highly personalized system- branded apps and web experiences.

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February 8, 2024


February 8, 2024

A digital flywheel that fuels operational transformation and business model expansion

"Health systems are at an inflection point. The trusted connection between the health system and health consumers is at its most vulnerable in an increasingly competitive, distributed, and decentralized environment," said Sara Vaezy, chief strategy and digital officer at Providence. "Technology is at the center of both the problem and the solution. Health systems must take a page from the book of other consumer-facing industries to enable a digital flywheel that fuels operational transformation and business model expansion. Digital transformation is now a health system imperative. That's why we built Praia Health."

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user image

Sara Vaezy

Chief Digital Strategy Officer, Executive sponsor working with Praia Health Identity & Engagement Platform at Providence

February 8, 2024


February 8, 2024

Know, care for and ease the way of each person we serve

"Given the unprecedented workforce and economic pressures affecting health systems today, we need to do things differently—and that means embracing new digital solutions that help us improve the health of our communities," said Rod Hochman, M.D., president and chief executive officer of Providence. "Praia Health embodies the Providence promise to know, care for and ease the way of each person we serve and extends this commitment to the patients' digital experience."

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user image

Rod Hochman

Executive sponsor working with Praia Health Identity & Engagement Platform at Providence


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