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Tele-Critical Care is a solution provided by Equum Medical. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Virtual Health, Human Capital Management , and Dynamic Staffing & Scheduling.
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Critical care units often face significant bottlenecks, with patients experiencing long waits for limited ICU beds. Studies indicate that nearly half of the patients admitted to ICUs could be adequately managed in less intensive settings. These delays not only increase morbidity and mortality rates but also escalate healthcare costs. Equum Medical’s Tele-Critical Care Services provide an innovative solution to these challenges by offering comprehensive, remote critical care coverage.

Our services include both episodic and round-the-clock ICU coverage through telehealth consultations and management. By leveraging advanced telehealth technology, we help standardize workflows and protocols, guiding house staff and hospitalists through critical procedures. This approach ensures consistency in care delivery, improving patient outcomes and operational efficiency.

Equum Medical’s Tele-Critical Care Services extend beyond the ICU, enhancing critical care support in the emergency department (ED) as well. This ensures that high-acuity patients receive the appropriate level of care from the moment they arrive, significantly reducing adverse events and shortening lengths of stay. By integrating our services, hospitals can optimize patient flow, minimize ICU overcrowding, and enhance overall patient safety and satisfaction.

Our tele-critical care model allows healthcare providers to manage high-acuity patients more effectively, ensuring timely interventions and reducing the strain on ICU resources. By providing expert critical care support remotely, Equum Medical helps hospitals deliver high-quality care to patients, regardless of their location. This innovative approach not only addresses current critical care challenges but also sets the stage for a more resilient and efficient healthcare system.

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Use cases and differentiators

Critical care units often face significant challenges in managing patient flow and ensuring timely access to specialized care. Limited ICU bed availability and a shortage of intensivists contribute to higher morbidity, mortality, and healthcare costs. Equum Medical's Tele-Critical Care services, including eICU and Tele-ICU, provide innovative solutions to these challenges by leveraging telehealth technology to extend critical care expertise to patients regardless of their physical location.

eICU and Tele-ICU Services:

Equum Medical's eICU and Tele-ICU services offer continuous remote monitoring and management of ICU patients by board-certified intensivists and critical care nurses. These services enable real-time patient monitoring, expert consultations, and collaborative care, enhancing the capacity of ICU units and improving patient outcomes.

Use Case 1: Managing ICU Bed Shortages

A community hospital with a limited number of ICU beds often struggles to accommodate high-acuity patients, leading to long wait times and increased patient transfers. By implementing Equum Medical's Tele-ICU services, the hospital can provide remote intensivist coverage for patients awaiting ICU beds. This service ensures that patients receive critical care interventions promptly, reducing the risk of adverse events and optimizing the use of available resources. Remote intensivists can guide on-site staff through complex procedures, manage patient care plans, and make timely decisions to improve patient outcomes.

Use Case 2: Enhancing Care in Rural Hospitals

A rural hospital with no full-time intensivist faces challenges in providing high-quality critical care. Equum Medical's eICU services enable the hospital to offer expert critical care support remotely. Intensivists monitor patients' vital signs, review medical records, and collaborate with the on-site team to manage critical cases effectively. This service enhances the hospital's ability to provide comprehensive care, reducing the need for patient transfers to larger facilities and ensuring that patients receive timely, specialized care close to home.

Use Case 3: Supporting Surge Capacity During Pandemics

During the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals experienced unprecedented surges in critically ill patients, overwhelming ICU capacities. Equum Medical's Tele-ICU services provided essential support by extending the reach of intensivists to multiple hospitals simultaneously. This service allowed hospitals to manage higher patient volumes, ensuring that all patients received appropriate critical care without compromising quality. Tele-ICU services facilitated efficient resource allocation, reducing clinician burnout and improving overall patient outcomes during the crisis.

Use Case 4: Integrating Multidisciplinary Care Teams

A tertiary care hospital seeks to enhance its ICU services by integrating a multidisciplinary approach to patient care. Equum Medical's eICU platform enables seamless collaboration between remote intensivists, on-site specialists, and nursing staff. This integrated approach ensures that patients benefit from a comprehensive care plan that addresses all aspects of their condition. The eICU platform supports real-time data sharing and communication, facilitating informed decision-making and improving patient care coordination.




Critical Care



Health Systems

Equum Medical Intensivists leverage a systems existing EMR Infrastructure

1. Physician-Led and Operated

Equum Medical is founded and operated by physicians, which ensures that their telehealth solutions are designed with a deep understanding of clinical workflows and patient care needs. This physician-led approach enhances the relevance and efficacy of their services.

2. Comprehensive Suite of Services

Equum Medical offers a broad portfolio of telehealth services that cover the entire acute care continuum, including:

  • Tele-ICU: Provides critical care support with board-certified intensivists and critical care nurses, ensuring real-time patient monitoring and expert consultations.
  • Virtual Nursing: Offers round-the-clock nursing support, assisting with patient assessments, medication administration, and care coordination.
  • Virtual Sitter: Enhances patient safety by providing continuous remote monitoring to prevent falls and other safety concerns.
  • Telemetry: Enables remote cardiac monitoring for early detection and management of cardiac events.
  • Multi-Specialty Telehealth: Provides access to specialists in various fields, such as cardiology, nephrology, neurology, and more.

3. Focus on Rural and Underserved Communities

Equum Medical has a strong commitment to improving healthcare access in rural and underserved areas. Their telehealth services are tailored to address the unique challenges faced by these communities, ensuring that patients receive high-quality care without the need for extensive travel.

4. Proven Outcomes and Customer Testimonials

Equum Medical's services have demonstrated significant improvements in patient outcomes and operational efficiency. Their partnerships with hospitals have led to enhanced patient care, reduced wait times, and improved satisfaction among both patients and healthcare providers. Testimonials from rural hospital executives highlight the impact of Equum Medical's services.

5. Universal Technology Approach

Equum Medical employs a tech-agnostic model that supports health system technology adoption without the need for significant infrastructure investments. This flexible approach allows them to integrate seamlessly with existing hospital systems, making it easier for healthcare providers to adopt and scale their telehealth services.

6. High-Acuity Care Expertise

Equum Medical specializes in managing high-acuity patients, providing expert care through telehealth for complex conditions. Their high-acuity care services ensure that even the most challenging cases receive the attention and expertise they require, which is particularly valuable for hospitals with limited access to specialized care providers.

7. Strong Partnerships and Recognitions

Equum Medical is recognized as a Gold Member of the National Rural Health Association (NRHA) and has been designated as the exclusive HIT Coalition partner by the NRHA and is a member of the American Telemedicine Association. These partnerships underscore their commitment to advancing healthcare and their credibility in the telehealth market.

8. Innovative Care Models

Equum Medical’s unique care delivery models, like ProviderPOD™, are designed to be scalable and adaptable, allowing healthcare providers to expand their services efficiently. These models optimize patient flow, reduce clinician burnout, and improve overall care delivery.

9. Dedicated Support for Workforce Challenges

Equum Medical addresses the ongoing challenge of healthcare workforce shortages by providing integrated virtual resources that enhance recruitment and retention. Their telehealth solutions offer a more modern, flexible work environment, helping to reduce burnout and stabilize the workforce.

By leveraging these differentiators, Equum Medical stands out as a leader in the telehealth industry, offering comprehensive, innovative, and flexible solutions that meet the diverse needs of healthcare providers and patients, particularly in rural and underserved areas.

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