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Uniphore X Platform

Uniphore X Platform


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Everyone deserves to be heard and understood — no matter where they are in the world or which language or dialect is being spoken. But many voices remain muted. Conversations continue to be ignored and undervalued.

We’re here to change that. Our conversational artificial intelligence (AI) and automation platform augments conversations across the enterprise and around the globe. We help humans have natural conversations with other humans and machines for a frictionless experience for customers and employees alike.

So what makes us different than other companies in this space? Here are just a few of the top reasons why Uniphore is your best choice for AI-powered experiences.  

Improve Health Outcomes With Conversational AI & Automation.

  • 30% Reduction in missed appointments
  • 18% AHT savings automating low value member and provider services interactions
  • 25% Reduction in onboarding time for patient coordinators
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EHR integration

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Use cases and differentiators

Patient Access

Empower patients to better manage their health with easy access to care. Glean insights into patients' barriers to healthcare, social determinants of health, and awareness about care sites.

  • Automate patient authentication, appointment scheduling, and provider search with conversational self-service
  • Help coordinators maximize resolution and compliance with real-time guidance for every patient interaction

Care Management

Proactively manage digital care with virtual agents and real-time agent guidance to drive patient engagement and medication adherence.

  • Provide clinical support post discharge
  • Automate daily check-ins, prescription management, and health management
  • Ensure coordinator adherence to protocols and best practices while providing optimal care


Simplify collections using intelligent virtual agents and Agent Assist. Help agents navigate objections with realtime feedback and communicate with empathy.

  • Reduce the time taken to collect patient responsibility payments with a digital-first customer experience.
  • Help collectors stay compliant with regulations and collect more in every conversation with turn by turn guidance

Revenue Cycle Management

Free agents and from pre-call and after-call work. Analyze, personalize, and scale your collections strategies while monitoring compliance through insights gained from your best performing agents.

  • Automate pre-call work, provide next best action guidance and automate call notes, dispositions, and post-call follow-up
  • Receive actionable insights to increase profitability with RCM analytics
  • AbbVie
  • Anthem
  • Centene
  • Gonzaba Medical Group 
  • Health Plan One
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Company information

Founded in 1990

4.5M total equity funding



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