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Top 10 CredibleMindPRO Alternatives & Competitors

CredibleMindPRO is an interactive digital behavioral health platform that delivers a powerful foundation for an organization’s population mental health strategy. It brings together trustworthy, evidence-based approaches populated with resources that makes it easy for people to engage and access material specific to their needs and preferences. And, it can be easily customized to integrate employer sponsored programs, benefits or network providers to amplify results across the board. When it comes to improving mental health and emotional wellbeing, there is no one-size-fits all. Instead of a single app or program, CredibleMindPRO lets you offer the best apps, videos, podcasts, articles, books and other resources – over 20,000 expert curated resources on 230 topics, all in one place. The simple, easy to use site makes searching and browsing easy. It uniquely addresses the full range of topics from help seeking to growth and mindfulness.
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Overall Top 10 CredibleMindPRO Alternatives & Competitors

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