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Provider Search Web App

Provider Search Web App

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Provider Search Web App is a solution provided by Phynd Technologies, Inc. which was founded in 2013. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Provider Search, Scheduling, Consumer Access & Engagement, Digital Front Door (DFD), and Provider Directory.
It has 7 verified clients.
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Health systems use the Provider Search Web App to power their “Find a Doctor” website search. Using Phynd’s Provider Search Web App, health systems are able to embed Phynd backed provider search directly into their consumer facing sites and match consumers, in milliseconds, with the right provider – by condition, health plan, location, telehealth participation, clinical expertise, and availability. The Provider Search Web App is perfect for healthcare organizations with limited resources, and it can be repurposed and used for unlimited use cases. Phynd uses Healthwise’s 30,000-term taxonomy of specialty, clinical terms, and patient-friendly terms…so consumers and patient access teams will be assured of best patient-provider matches. Phynd’s software anticipates and suggests phrases as searchers type a condition, health plan, or provider name into a search field. It saves time and offers a friendly search. Phynd search is ’scheduling aware.' It extends the value of online scheduling in your EHR's by supporting the display of open inventory during search. Drive up appointments and drive down calls to your call centers, using the powerful combination of Phynd search and online scheduling. Integrate Provider Search Web App and Phynd Schedule Advisor for the ultimate digital experience. Phynd is the search leader. The Phynd Provider Search Web App offers the fastest deployment on the market, is modern, open, and flexible. For more information about Phynd, visit https://connect.phynd.com/phynd.
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EHR integration

Ancillary EMR, Patient portal, Credentialing, Website / public online sources
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Desktop, Mobile / Tablet (web optimized)
Use cases and differentiators

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Supports mapping pediatric terms to appropriate providers. Supports pediatric subspecialties applied to providers and locations.
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Dedicated implementation professionals have developed the fastest deployment on the market and are proactive when maintaining and updating the product. ADA compliant, multilingual menu, robust search filters and open-scheduling integration.
Fastest time to deployment on the market. Fully branded to match each individual healthcare organizations brand. ADA compliant, multilingual menu, robust search filters and open-scheduling integration. Back by curated Phynd provider data. Can be repurposed and used for unlimited use cases.
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Founded in 2013

11.3M total equity funding



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