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Smart Care Facility Platform

Smart Care Facility Platform

Smart Care Facility Platform


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Smart Care Facility Platform integrates with major EMRs such as Epic, Cerner, and Meditech.
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EHR integration

Acute care EMR, Ambulatory EMR, Ancillary EMR, ERP system, Pop health platform, Home health, Behavioral health, ADT
Recommended, but not required
Epic, Cerner, Meditech, Allscripts, NextGen, athena, GE, eClinicalWorks
Mobile / Tablet (native app), Mobile / Tablet (web optimized), Desktop, Other
Use cases and differentiators

Infection Prevention & Control

Prevent infections and stop the spread with non-intrusive screening and automated protocol adherence.

Healthcare-associated infections pose a risk to any care environment. The care.ai Platform effectively reduces that risk by using AI-powered sensors to screen those who enter the facility and also ensures safety protocols are followed.

Increase Confidence

Gives patients and staff the peace-of-mind knowing the most advanced technology is deployed to keep the facility safe.

Reduce Costs

Mitigates the need to use costly human resources for tasks better suited to autonomous solutions.

Improve Processes

Provides real-time insights from continuous monitoring to ensure proper protocol is always being followed.

Simplify Compliance and Reporting

Provides a unified view from the IPC Command Center Module making it easier to generate compliance reports while saving time from manually searching and compiling data.

Smart Entry - Symptom Attestation and Vaccine Compliance

Protect your facility from infectious disease with contact-free entry screening and check-in. The care.ai Smart Entry™ solution screens every person who enters for skin temperatures, symptoms and vaccine compliance.

Intelligent Sensors Track and Trace Everyone Inside The Facility

By deploying multiple intelligent sensors throughout the facility, care.ai can track and trace everyone inside the facility. If an infectious disease exposure occurs, everyone who has been exposed can be quickly identified and notified.

Smart Spaces - Ensure IPC Protocol Adherence

care.ai autonomously monitors patient rooms and common areas for safety protocols such as hand hygiene, PPE efficacy and sanitization compliance. Care team members receive real-time feedback, and non-adherent behavior is documented.

IPC Command Center - Monitor and Improve Processes In Real Time

Receive IPC status alerts and other actionable data in real-time through a single view inside care.ai’s IPC Command Center. Regulatory, compliance, and audit reports are easily generated.

Patient and Protocol Monitoring

Stay continuously aware by monitoring your care environment for conditions that require intervention or processes that need improvement.

Staff shortages present challenges when trying to deliver the best care. The care.ai Platform works as an extra set of AI-powered eyes and ears, monitoring and learning in real-time so care teams can be more proactive and less reactive.

Early Warning Capabilities

Automatically detects indicators of potential risks to bring help as promptly as possible, before an adverse event occurs.

Time For More Quality Care

Ambient Intelligent Monitoring lifts the burden of routine tasks away from care teams, allowing them more time for personal interactions with patients.

Rapidly Scale Up Care

By enabling care providers to monitor many patients at one time, remote monitoring helps rapidly scale up care.

Enhance Safety

Remote monitoring capabilities are built into each room, enabling patients and providers to maintain social distancing while still providing care.

Virtual Care

Allow care teams to do more, be more present and provide a better patient experience through the use of on-demand virtual care.

Virtual care enables patients to receive healthcare in ways that provide more convenience and value. The care.ai Platform connects patients with care teams in a meaningful and impactful way, allowing for a positive continuum of care.

Predict, Prevent and Protect

With the largest machine learning behavioral dataset for healthcare, care.ai protects patients and predicts problems before they escalate.

Convenience for Care Providers

Avoids time-intensive on-site visits for care providers by offering more efficient way of delivering care, while maintaining patient satisfaction.

Timely Access to Care

Creates deeper relationships between care providers and patients, allowing for more timely interventions.

Real-Time Intelligence

Alerts care teams immediately if potential problems arise, directly to their own smart devices.

Workforce Optimization

Automate burdensome, manual tasks while improving processes in real-time and optimizing performance.

Healthcare organizations shouldn’t have to choose between efficiency and quality. The care.ai Platform automates manual tasks, creating efficiencies that improve the quality of care while achieving higher compliance rates.

Improve Processes

Continuous monitoring delivers real-time insights and reporting to ensure proper protocols are always being followed.

Single-Click Reporting

Delivers a unified view across the organization, saving hours of time in collecting and organizing data for reporting purposes.

Make Better and More Timely Clinical Decisions

AI and machine learning replaces countless hours of menial tasks, allowing care providers to focus more on their patients.

Quickly Adapt to New Regulations

Provides customizable configuration to fulfill frequently evolving compliance and regulatory mandates.

The World’s Most Advanced Virtual Nursing Platform

Enable Virtual Nursing by leveraging the most advanced in-room sensors, AI, and automated documentation capture to power virtual admission, virtual rounding and virtual discharge workflows.

A Comprehensive View into the Care Environment

care.ai™ Virtual Nursing is assisted by real-time, AI-powered autonomous inferencing. The care.ai™ Platform can automatically detect potential problems such as fall risks, providing an additional level of patient safety support.

Virtual Nursing features can be tailored to the specific needs and focus of your care team and organization.

A Second Nurse in the Care Suite

care.ai™ Virtual Nursing delivers a new and enhanced layer of support to care teams. Virtual Nurses can manage a wide variety of patient care tasks, from routine monitoring and documentation to education, precepting and compliance reporting. On-site nurses are then able to focus more time and attention on the crucial hands-on care that only they can provide. The results include improved clinical outcomes, higher patient satisfaction scores, greater staff retention and reduced operating costs.

The World’s Most Advanced Virtual Nursing Platform

  • Small device footprint utilizing in-room TV
  • On-demand two-way audio/video conferencing
  • Activation via menu or voice
  • Multi-stream video for family calls, care team consultation, language translation
  • Automatic TV activation & switching
  • Automatic call transcription


The care.ai Virtual Nursing solution includes powerful reporting and analytics tools that provide granular-level data on session parameters, protocol adherence and care team efficacy.

Use the IDA Command Center Performance module to view Virtual Nursing session data over any time range, from a per-Sensor level to across your entire organization. Know the number of sessions held, session duration, which rooms, which nurses, tasks completed and more.

Reporting data can be integrated with EMR and other applicable systems, and used for regulatory compliance, reimbursement support, and admin planning.


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December 18, 2023


December 18, 2023

Next generation Smart care platform

As part of our decision to implement an enterprise, smart care facility platform, we looked at numerous vendors, and generally grouped them into either legacy technology or next generation technology. The next generation technology group included platforms that were able to compute at the edge as well as offer, ambient intelligence through sensors, other than just an optical camera.

After completing multiple rounds of diligence, we selected Care.ai and have been able to go from signatures to live in our first floor in under 8 weeks.

We have found the platform to be solid, with clean software design that doesn't require recurring driver updates. We give them 4 stars for EHR integration as we now live with Context Aware Linking (CAL) with Epic and are looking forward to see the integration opportunities with Epic Monitor.

Perhaps most important to us is the commitment to co-learning and development that has already occurred in a short period of time. Going down the smart facility journey is not for the faint of heart as there is no cookie cutter playbook. Each health system is going to have different barriers to solve for, so the fact we get access to the Care.ai leadership team to problem solve has been invaluable so far and has been key to our speed to execution.

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user image

Tarun Kapoor

Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Transformation Officer, Executive sponsor working with Smart Care Facility Platform at Virtua Health


December 11, 2023


December 11, 2023

A more personalized, patient-centric service

Through real-time awareness of the care environment and virtualizing workflows, the virtual care platform reduces the workload on bed-side nurses. This allows nurses to dedicate more time and focus on complex patient care. We’re also benefiting from 24/7 monitoring capabilities that can enhance patient safety and a more personalized, patient-centric service. This is truly the future of healthcare.

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user image

Dr. Neal Patel

Chief Informatics Officer, Executive sponsor working with Smart Care Facility Platform at Vanderbilt Health


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