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Milestone Search and Discovery Digital Platform

Milestone Search and Discovery Digital Platform

Milestone Search and Discovery Digital Platform


Milestone Search and Discovery Digital Platform
Milestone Search and Discovery Digital Platform



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Milestone's Search and Discovery Digital Platform is the world’s only SEO-optimized and discovery-first content management system with native FAQs, and advanced, error-free schema markup. 

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Even with high-quality content, healthcare organizations often struggle with visibility in search engines. As a result of web content not being SEO optimized, search engines are unable to understand its context, which, in turn, reduces findability. 


Milestone's Search and Discovery Digital Platform is the world's only SEO-first, schema-optimized content management system. The Milestone platform includes best-in-class SEO tools which drives patient acquisition. Milestone’s solutions monitor, update and report in real-time on SEO technical issues such as crawlability, indexability, broken links, redirects, and core web vitals.     

Deployed on over 10,000+ websites with more than 26 million page views per month across multiple industries, our cloud-based content management system includes advanced, error-free schema and healthcare-specific technologies that drive patient acquisition and brand loyalty. After deploying the Milestone Search and Discovery platform, our partners report 100% faster page load time and a 20-30% increase in leads and traffic.  

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Due to the lack of structured data and ambiguous content, healthcare systems often struggle with search engine visibility (SERP). As a result, search engine algorithms cannot understand the context of your website content, and this, in turn, impacts discoverability. Milestone tools provide an easy, automated way to manage SEO, increase search findability and drive patient acquisition.   

COVID-19 use cases:

The Milestone CMS can create SEO-optimized landing pages with advanced schema markup dedicated to COVID-19. 

Pediatric use cases:

Milestone platform is focused on helping healthcare organizations enhance their content discoverability. 


Healthcare marketing professionals, Healthcare digital marketing professionals, and Healthcare SEO professionals. 


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Does not provide EHR Functionality

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Milestone’s Search and Discovery Digital Platform, recognized by Forrester as the world’s only SEO-first CMS available to healthcare organizations, has been designed to drive online patient acquisition. Our omnichannel, integrated SEO-first platform includes schema management, FAQ management, Listings Management, Reviews Management, Real-time Data Analytics and Insights.  

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