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Milestone FAQ Manager

Milestone FAQ Manager

Milestone FAQ Manager


Milestone FAQ Manager
Milestone FAQ Manager



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Curate, monitor and publish Frequently Asked Questions and best answers across your website and multiple channels. Milestone FAQ Manager lets healthcare organizations bulk publish consistent questions and rich answers as a verified authority across your website, social channels, voice assistants, Google My Business, and chatbots.


Milestone's FAQ Manager allows you to deliver questions and answers that satisfy search intent and equips you to control the answers related to your business. Now your answers can be everywhere and stay in front of your customers.


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Search optimization is about fulfilling the intent of the searcher, which in its basic structure means answering a question. FAQs are an integral part of being the right answer by providing the informational content consumers seek, which is 80% of the type of searches carried out online - thereby covering the key micro-moments in a customer journey.

Milestone FAQ Manager accomplishes the following:

* Consistency through a multi-location workflow : Q&A monitoring, edit, respond & publish. Flag inaccurate or irrelevant Q&As

* Relevant & Accurate content curation: Crowdsource questions from local channels (Google My Business)

* Fully leverage Voice Assistant: Automate intent creation and publish verified answers to assistants

* Scalability: Bulk upload & publish Q&As across channels & locations with a single click

* Multi-channel support and integration: Google Assistant & Google My Business

* Impact Reporting: Assess rich result growth and voice search performance

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Use cases


Research has shown that 46% of the SERP's first fold are FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and PAAs (People Also Ask). A healthcare system must ensure that they have an effective content strategy that is addressing the questions posed by their patients.  

Ensuring consistent FAQs across channels & locations


* How to source relevant questions for an effective voice search strategy?

* How to ensure consistent published answers across channels?

* How to respond to user queries across all locations in a timely manner?

* Most websites aren’t set up to answer queries and in the process

* Google is left to choose the most relevant answer

Milestone FAQ Manager accomplishes:

* 42% better CTR in Mobile devices

* 70% more likely to show up in People Also Ask

* FAQs with FAQ schemas achieve an average of 5.5 position better rank

* 11.5% increase in impressions


Managers, Director, VPs of Digital, SEO, Marketing, Patient Experience.


Differentiators vs EHR Functionality:

Not Applicable

Differentiators vs Competitors:

SaaS solution that aggregates, manages and distributes FAQ content across multiple locations and digital channels - to Location-based Google Business Profiles, Voice Assistants, and to your Website.

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Select which hospital or health system you work at and see a personalized match score.