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Milestone FAQ Manager

Milestone FAQ Manager

Milestone FAQ Manager


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Milestone FAQ Manager is a solution provided by Milestone Inc. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Scheduling, Search & Transparency, Consumer Access & Engagement, and Care Transitions.
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Search optimization is about fulfilling the intent of the searcher, which in its basic structure means answering a question. FAQs are an integral part of being the right answer by providing the informational content consumers seek, which is 80% of the type of searches carried out online - thereby covering the key micro-moments in a customer journey.

Milestone FAQ Manager accomplishes the following:

* Consistency through a multi-location workflow : Q&A monitoring, edit, respond & publish. Flag inaccurate or irrelevant Q&As

* Relevant & Accurate content curation: Crowdsource questions from local channels (Google My Business)

* Fully leverage Voice Assistant: Automate intent creation and publish verified answers to assistants

* Scalability: Bulk upload & publish Q&As across channels & locations with a single click

* Multi-channel support and integration: Google Assistant & Google My Business

* Impact Reporting: Assess rich result growth and voice search performance

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Use cases and differentiators

Research has shown that 46% of the SERP's first fold are FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and PAAs (People Also Ask). A healthcare system must ensure that they have an effective content strategy that is addressing the questions posed by their patients.  

Ensuring consistent FAQs across channels & locations


* How to source relevant questions for an effective voice search strategy?

* How to ensure consistent published answers across channels?

* How to respond to user queries across all locations in a timely manner?

* Most websites aren’t set up to answer queries and in the process

* Google is left to choose the most relevant answer

Milestone FAQ Manager accomplishes:

* 42% better CTR in Mobile devices

* 70% more likely to show up in People Also Ask

* FAQs with FAQ schemas achieve an average of 5.5 position better rank

* 11.5% increase in impressions

Managers, Director, VPs of Digital, SEO, Marketing, Patient Experience.

Not Applicable

SaaS solution that aggregates, manages and distributes FAQ content across multiple locations and digital channels - to Location-based Google Business Profiles, Voice Assistants, and to your Website.

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