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ABOUT Orchestration Suite

ABOUT Orchestration Suite

ABOUT Orchestration Suite

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It has 9 verified clients.
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Our suite of solutions streamlines access into, through, and beyond your health system.

Success in today’s distributed networks of care relies on intelligent Care Orchestration solutions across the full continuum. ABOUT streamlines every step of patient transitions into hospitals and beyond—whether skilled nursing, rehab, behavioral health, or home care. The result: More patients referred and retained to grow your health system. 

Enabling Care Orchestration

ABOUT offers a purpose-built SaaS platform that is interoperable, provides controls and visibility over acute transfers and discharges, and gives comprehensive reporting and analytics across the entire care continuum. We pride ourselves in being strategic partners with deep clinical experience who are committed to the health system’s success. All with the backing of our curated provider network that holds over 57k+ verified, trained, and maintained providers.

Care Orchestration as it should be

Today, health systems must proactively plan and operationally organize to take control of three key levers: demand, capacity, and throughput. To get control of the three levers of demand, capacity, and throughput, you need to deliver Care Orchestration as it should be, continually facilitating the patient journey to the next best setting of care. Care Orchestration, when executed successfully, delivers a unified patient, clinician, and operational experience.

ABOUT provides end-to-end Care Orchestration, connecting the people, data, processes, and technology that facilitate patient transitions into the acute care setting on the front-end with transitions out to the next best setting of care on the back end, providing the controls and visibility to effectively distribute demand across the ecosystem. 

Go from hours to minutes

Every patient journey is different. But they all have something in common. A human being who needs the right care without delay. Right now, a single patient transfer can take up to six hours – but that’s about to change. 

ABOUT solutions empower health systems to operate as one connected network of care – efficiently moving patients into and out of acute care settings. Through our proven process, software suite, and clinical expertise, we help you orchestrate care to drive operational efficiencies and improve patient outcomes. 

Together, we can connect those in need to those who heal, faster. 

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EHR integration

Acute care EMR, Ambulatory EMR, Ancillary EMR
None provided
Use cases and differentiators

Care Setting Solutions

Care setting-specific application features, custom forms, curated provider networks, and insights to enable access across the continuum of care.

Acute Cloud: Increase speed to acute care by easily and efficiently accepting patients from the ED, scheduled procedures, and other facilities outside the health system.

Post-Acute Cloud: Tools and vetted, trained providers help quickly identify and coordinate the best Post-Acute placement options, so case managers can focus on patients.

Behavioral Health Cloud: Connect patients with the care and services they need through online requests, coordination, and placement among a curated network of providers.

Curated Provider Networks

ABOUT offers Curated Provider Networks, meaning verified, trained, and maintained nationwide post-acute and behavioral health providers to augment client’s existing networks and facilitate timely coordination of patient transitions out of the acute care setting. 

Free and exceptional experience for post-acute and behavioral health providers: Drive faster and higher acceptance rates with free response application and training for providers. Competitors simply ask post-acute providers to sign up for their networks online to receive referrals. ​ 

Extensive, nationwide post-acute curated network: Over 57,000 post-acute and behavioral health providers. Unlike competitive post-acute referral networks, ABOUT identifies, secures, and onboards post-acute and behavioral health providers to ensure quick response times and optimal placement.​

Bed Visibility

Bed Visibility provides an at-a-glance view of staffed beds across the entire system and levels of care in real time to quickly identify an appropriate and available bed. 

View staffed bed availability across the health system by level of care, unit type, and facility as well as average wait times, ED pre-admits, and pending arrivals and discharges. 

Eliminate phone calls and phone tag by quickly identifying open beds and the right level of care without the need to sign into a bed management system.  

Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging seamlessly integrated in the Orchestration Engine empowers care teams to efficiently communicate and collaborate to quickly transfer patients for improved outcomes.

Increase Productivity and Accelerate Transfer Times: Eliminate excess phone calls/tag, documentation, and transcription with text messaging, pre-built templates, and pre-populated data integrated in the acute transfer workflow.

Improve Accuracy and Documentation:

Instead of relaying critical patient data via phone and transcription, secure, encrypted messaging is seamlessly integrated within case records.

Increase Care Team Satisfaction: Empower care teams to efficiently communicate on their preferred channels at their preferred times to reduce cognitive load, stress, and workload.

Intelligent Transport

Intelligent emergent and non-emergent transport coordination with real-time tracking and geo-fencing so you know exactly where the patient is in their journey to or from the care setting and have the insights and reporting to improve the process. 

Specify transport type, trip options, and specialized care or equipment needed as well as pick-up and destination locations and times to eliminate phone calls. 

Shave 15-20 minutes per patient by electronically coordinating transportation. Access data to see who gives you the best service, picks up on time, and more.

Online Transfer Request

Online Transfer Request allows internal clinicians to request transfers and notify agents online to eliminate phone calls and decrease patient transfer times. 

Enable quick and easy transfer requests, reduce data entry time and increase accuracy, accelerate transfer acceptance, and drive clinician and care team satisfaction.  

On-call Scheduling

On-Call Scheduling provides centralized physician and provider scheduling and calendar data so that patient transfer delays never occur because you can’t identify or locate the on-call physician. You can’t complete a transfer without locating the right physician to accept the patient. 

Avoid unnecessary care delays for patients, increase accuracy and accelerate provider response, and acceptance rates.

Orchestration Engine

Streamlined workflows and easy-to-use interface drive efficiencies, including the ability to perform all transition tasks from one platform.

Seamless integrations with critical data sources and systems, including EHR, ADT, CC&C platforms, CAD systems, and call recording help you get more out of existing resources. 

Disparate data pulled together to deliver actionable insights and comprehensive reporting, dashboards, and analytics unlike any other solution. 

  • Arizona Surge Line (Arizona Department of Health)
  • Banner Health
  • Emory Healthcare
  • Mercy Medical Center - Des Moines
  • Mt. Sinai Health System
  • Northern Arizona Healthcare
  • Riverside Health System (VA)
  • RWJBarnabas Health
  • Sutter Health
  • UPMC Central Pennsylvania
None provided
  • End-to-End Care Orchestration​
  • Purpose-Built​
  • Interoperable​
  • Decision Support, Analytics, and Reporting​
  • Curated Networks​
  • Committed Partnership​
  • Care Orchestration Expertise
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Founded in 2005

14.4M total equity funding



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