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Virtual Nursing and Telehealth

Virtual Nursing and Telehealth

Virtual Nursing and Telehealth

Virtual Nursing and Telehealth
Virtual Nursing and Telehealth


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Virtual Nursing and Telehealth is a solution provided by hellocare. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Clinician Burnout, Virtual Nursing, and Virtual Health.
It has 13 verified clients.
Virtual Nursing and Telehealth integrates with major EMRs such as Epic, Cerner, and Allscripts.
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Virtual Nursing and Telehealth: Experience the future of inpatient care with hellocare’s Virtual Nursing and Telehealth services. Our platform enables healthcare providers to perform remote patient admissions, discharges, education and continuous care, while involving family members and care team in the virtual visit, enhancing efficiency while maintaining high standards of patient care. Through live examinations with peripherals during a physician rounding, we reduce the need for physical carts and equipment in the room, streamlining operations and minimizing disruptions. 

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EHR integration

Acute care EMR, Ambulatory EMR, Ancillary EMR, Patient portal, Home health, Behavioral health, ADT, Credentialing
Recommended, but not required
Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, GE
Mobile / Tablet (web optimized), Mobile / Tablet (native app), Other, Desktop
Use cases and differentiators

hellocare's Virtual Nursing and Telehealth Module encompasses a broad spectrum of use cases, addressing various aspects of patient care such as:  

ICU monitoring: This setup allows a single ICU nurse to monitor multiple patients from a command center, providing immediate alerts and necessary interventions.  

Virtual Nurse Rounding: The two-way audio/video connectivity and real-time access to patient data enables virtual rounding for nurses to complete regularly scheduled check-ins on patients. Virtual rounding is a great way to identify patient needs and safety risks, monitor for changes in patient condition, and reduce the frequency of bedside staff re-entering patient rooms. It can also reduce exposure risk for COVID and other patients who require isolation, further preserving PPE. 

Virtual Physician Rounding: Similar to Virtual Nurse Rounding, the physician can use the same platform and endpoint to do rounds with live examination. Our hellocare device will serve as a hub, connecting to different peripherals such as a Stethoscope or Dermatoscope, allowing the physician to do assessment remotely, eliminating the need for carts in the room. 

Discharge Navigation: Virtual nurses can take the lead on completing discharge paperwork and coordinating other aspects of the discharge process. 

Dual Sign Off: Bedside and virtual nurses can work together in real time to verify medications and for other tasks that require dual sign off, eliminating delays to care. 

Patient Education: Nurses can use the A/V connection to patient rooms to educate patients and their virtual and in-person visitors about their conditions, procedures, and after-care, and be available to answer questions at any time. 

Mentoring and Training Support: Experienced nurses can guide new hires and novice nurses through procedures and conduct joint physical/virtual patient visits to improve quality, reduce the learning curve, and provide an extra level of attention to patients. 

Pain Assessment: Virtual nurses can round on patients routinely to assess their pain level, and follow-up with reassessment and documentation of patient response to pain relieving measures, such as medication administration and repositioning. Patients can also inform virtual nurses when they are experiencing pain. 

Responding to Calls/Answering Patient Questions: Many nurse calls from patients can be resolved without requiring an in-room visit. 

Care Plan Updates: Working collaboratively with the care team, a virtual nurse can serve as coordinator for updates to the care plan. 

Provider Consultation: Telehealth is frequently used to facilitate consults among providers. Virtual nursing makes nurses available for consultation with caregivers in the patient room, and the virtual nurse can also initiate contact with specialists or other providers outside the facility. 

Chart Audits: Assigning chart audits to virtual nurses frees the floor nursing staff to spend more time with patients while promoting patient safety and quality. 

Post-Procedural Monitoring: Virtual nursing can provide enhanced monitoring for post-procedure patients and others that need close monitoring. 

Order Clarification: Virtual nurses can take questions from their bedside counterparts and follow up with physicians when orders are unclear. 

Yes, hellocare's Virtual Nursing and Telehealth Module can apply to pediatrics. Many of the use cases described are not specific to adult patients and can be adapted to meet the needs of pediatric patients and their families. 

The primary users of hellocare's virtual nursing and telehealth platform include healthcare providers such as nurses and physicians, patients in inpatient settings, family members that can join education sessions or visit their loved ones virtually at any point of time, and healthcare administrators managing virtual care delivery programs. 

hellocare distinguishes itself from traditional EHR functionality with advanced integrations and patient-centered innovations:

  • Advanced AI Integration: Implements AI for real-time monitoring and predictive analytics like fall detection and pressure injury prevention.
  • Virtual Care Delivery: Offers comprehensive virtual care including telehealth and virtual nursing.
  • Real-Time Communication Tools: Integrates instant communication tools for enhanced interaction between patients and healthcare providers.
  • Customizable Monitoring and Integration: Supports extensive customization and seamless integration with medical devices and third-party apps, surpassing typical EHR capabilities.
  • Enhanced Security and Privacy: Adds extra layers of data security and privacy, ensuring compliance with stringent regulations.
  • Actionable Insights: Leverages collected data for actionable insights and detailed reporting, aiding in informed decision-making and operational efficiency.

These features position hellocare as a technologically superior, flexible, and patient-centric platform.

What sets hellocare apart is our commitment to innovation, quality, and partnership. We are the only vendor in the market that meticulously developes the hardware, audio/video stack and the virtual care delivery platform in-house, featuring open architecture and feature flags for customizable solutions. 

  • Our platform is the result of a collaborative effort with our partners, designed to meet the real and evolving needs of clinical teams, patients, and health systems. 
  • We are dedicated to continuous improvement, incorporating monthly releases that integrate real-time customer feedback. 
  • Our approach to partnership is inclusive, ensuring compatibility and integration with existing technology investments by our partners, including EHR/EMRs, telemetry, nurse call systems, clinical communication tools, patient experience, and patient education platforms. 
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Virtual Nursing and Telehealth
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June 7, 2024

new review

June 7, 2024

The best telehealth platform in the market.

We use hellocare as our telehealth platform to provide multispecialty healthcare services. 

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user image

Ceo working with Virtual Nursing and Telehealth


June 7, 2024

new review

June 7, 2024

HelloCare has potential to make strong impact across the patient and the Care Team's experience every day in every patient room.

HelloCare brings us the opportunity to revolutionize the in-room experience for both the patient and the care team with AI driven solutions for virtual nursing, sitting, observing and patient engagement. This is truly an innovative solution all health systems should consider.

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A verified Executive sponsor working with Virtual Nursing and Telehealth from a large-sized, ACO hospital.


June 7, 2024

new review

June 7, 2024

Hellocare is a great partner and solution

The Hellocare solution is easy to use, has great functionality and we have been very impressed with their technology. Not only has the platform been great but they have been very easy to work with and accomodating to our needs and a great partner overall. 

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Kristi Iannucci

CAO, Executive sponsor working with Virtual Nursing and Telehealth at TeleSpecialists



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