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Nearly half of us will experience a behavioral or mental health condition at some point. The challenge is how to be there for those who are dealing with one. First, our specialists deliver telehealth sessions with participants. Then, our Artificial Intelligence-powered virtual assistant Karla provides available support exactly when it’s needed, every hour of every day.

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Product capabilities

Behavioral Health Screening


What is behavioral health screening?
Ability to capture patient behavioral health status, inclusive of substance use disorders, using evidence-based assessments.
EHR integration

Behavioral health
Use case dependent
Not applicable
Not applicable
Use cases and differentiators

Our unique approach makes mental health services more effective, accessible and even affordable. We do it through the marriage of technology and human compassion, which enables us to extend support beyond therapy sessions.

In turn, we’re able to streamline the care process, reducing administrative burden and enabling our specialists to focus more on the actual care. And we focus on prevention and early intervention, delivering care in the exact moment it’s needed.

Karla is:

A personal bot that lives on a participant’s smart device, serving as a digital extension of a coach between sessions

Customizable by the patient and coach to communicate with the patient in times of need with the tone and voice that the participant prefers

Aware of what time it is, where the participant is, as well as his or her triggers and preferences for support in times of need

Designed to improve and expedite a person’s recovery rate because she’s always there as a liaison between participant and coach

Interactive with both the participant and the specialist, providing the participant with real-time questions, suggestions and follow-up and the specialist with a real-time account of the effectiveness of Karla’s interventions

Responsive to participants’ unique situations, providing feedback at the right time and place

A data observer that sees important responses to incidents from the participant that inform every subsequent participant-specialist session

Adaptable to participants’ evolving needs based on data and learnings

Health Systems, Participants, Employers, Health Plans, Education Systems

None provided

Network of Specialists certified in their specialty, empathy and leveraging technology vs. Specialist certified in specialty

True intergration of people and technology vs Techonology OR Human

Clinically-driven, relevant support delivered between sessions where and when it's needed vs. Reactive

Customizable customer specific assessments, content, programs and outcomes goals vs. Standardized Delivery

Length of programs customized to participant need, customer goals, budget and benefit design vs. Predefined

Staffed for results, not efficiency (1:1) vs. 1 to many

Population Insights vs. Not typically done

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