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A.ware is a solution provided by Senseforth.ai. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Concierge Care, Personalized Care, Conversational AI, Digital Front Door (DFD), Virtual Health, and Patient Flow.
Some other resource(s) that may be helpful in learning about A.ware include: A buyer’s guide to conversational AI and Buyer’s guide to the digital front door

Automated deep learning.

Chatbots keep getting smarter

Our platform allows you to build generative model smart chatbots with deep learning capabilities that minimize the need for human management over time. Your smart bots learn from each interaction, recording the response and sentiment of the user.

Automatic Intent Identification

Automatically identify user intent from a natural language input through text or voice.

Automatic Response

Automatically respond to users based on user intent through a defined knowledge repository or dynamic API calls.

Pattern Recognition

Automatically identifies patterns of user intentions and provides granular insights to take specific actions.

Multi-lingual Integration

A.ware platform makes it possible to integrate with multi-lingual APIs.

Automatic Metadata Extraction

Automatically extracts metadata like customer IDs, phone numbers, addresses, transaction reference numbers etc. to make API calls or enhance the context.

Automatic Prioritization

Prioritizes certain customer interactions based on sentiment, emotions, product category, and custom metadata.

Automatic Ticketing & Routing

Automatically creates tickets, sub tickets and routes the interaction to appropriate teams in an enterprise.

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Use cases and differentiators

Redefining Patient Experience across Touchpoints

Automating every step of the patient’s journey from symptom checking to appointment booking to report tracking.

An average patient spends around 30 minutes trying to

find the right service at his/ her local healthcare center. 

Besides, the rate of missed appointments ranges between 10-20% in the United States. A healthcare chatbot can significantly improve the quality of service by automating most routine processes.

  • Appointment Booking
  • Symptom Checker
  • Schedule Medical Tests
  • Prescription Renewal
  • Health Advisory
  • Download Medical Records
  • Insurance Coverage

Freeing up Medical Practitioners to Focus on Care

There is too much technology between medical practitioners and patients.

Medical practitioners are spending a lot of time finding

existing medical records of their patients and tracking

their medical history. Patients are often unhappy about

the amount of time doctors spend in updating and

accessing information using complex software tools.

NLP-based healthcare chatbots can help doctors retrieve

critical information quickly and without having to fiddle with

complex CRM tools.

  • Access Medical Records
  • Track Patient History
  • Patient Referral

Boosting Hospital’s Profitability and Efficiency

Patient engagement at Hospitals is largely human-driven, which not only proves to be inefficient at most times but also leaves scope of error.

AI chatbot solutions can significantly reduce human effort, minimize chances of error and help hospitals improve productivity by automating routine processes.

In addition, the data collected by hospitals can be fed into their analytics pipeline thereby aiding critical decision making.

  • Send Personalized Offers
  • Check Medicine Availability
  • Find Alternate Medicines

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