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Care Search is a solution provided by Loyal which was founded in 2015. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Provider Search, Scheduling, Consumer Access & Engagement, Digital Front Door (DFD), Provider Directory, Search & Transparency, Personalized Care, Customer Service, and Patient Flow.
It has 28 verified clients.
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Loyal Care Search uses NLP, algorithmic search and type-ahead suggestions to effectively help your patients select the appropriate care provider – whether it be a primary care provider, urgent care provider, a virtual or emergency room visit, all with minimal maintenance and full configurablity. 


  • Display provider results based on patient needs, customized for consistency, relevance, and ease of use.
  • Rank ordering of provider results based on specialty focus and clinical interests.
  • Leverage machine learning and algorithmic search so consumers can search for care through conversational text and advanced filtering.
  • Manage searchable provider content easier & present information in a way that is intuitive for consumers to understand and interact with.
  • Rich provider profile detail pages with customizable CTAs and optional integrated scheduling.
  • Robust analytics provide insights into consumer search behavior and provider search results.


  • Simplified search configuration management leading to higher results accuracy 
  • Optimized page layouts and clear calls to actions leading to increased consumer interactions and conversions 
  • Reduced patient / provider mismatches resulting in decreased cost

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Founded in 2015

12.5M total equity funding



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