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Provider Search for Consumers

Provider Search for Consumers

Provider Search for Consumers


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Provider Search for Consumers is a solution provided by MD Insider which was founded in 2012. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Provider Search, Scheduling, Consumer Access & Engagement, Digital Front Door (DFD), Provider Directory, Personalized Care, Customer Service, and Patient Flow.
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MDI enables consumers to self serve across call, click or visit channels. MD Insider builds comprehensive provider search, data management, and scheduling capabilities for organization across the healthcare ecosystem, including health systems. Our capabilities are built on a modern/ agile tech stack that enables provider organizations the flexibility to implement and deploy across multiple configuration options. We help health systems find and reach consumers through modern digital capabilities that help organizations showcase their key assets...providers. With nearly every implementation, our capabilities allow health system partners to fill-in information "blind spots" through a confluence of data + technology. And we do this, often times, in a matter of days.
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Patients/consumers, Contact Center Agents, Providers
A consumer-centric/robust clinical search engine that sits on top of a12B+ claim library representing medical claims across major carriers (commercial & CMS). Claims are used to inform provider clinical experience/expertise for employed and affiliated providers across a health systems network.
Configurable/customizable provider search and directory management capabilities (e.g. expandable taxonomy, docfinder, data/directory management, Epic scheduling). MDI's tooling provides health system partners access to MDI's big data library. Our data engineering processes automate and create baseline provider profiles by leveraging dozens of industry data partners, greatly reducing the amount of time/effort needed to collect the same information across the delivery network. Our data library includes information related to clinical areas (e.g. specialty, procedures, conditions, diagnosis), board certifications, office locations & hours of operation, contact information, education, affiliations, patient satisfaction reviews, languages spoken, biographies, and more. Providers and administrators can edit baseline profiles for ongoing data accuracy and verification. Updates are pushed real-time to all relevant applications, including data warehouses (if applicable).
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Founded in 2012

24.3M total equity funding



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