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Stel Vitals Hub

Top 10 Stel Vitals Hub Alternatives & Competitors

The Stel Vitals Hub seamlessly and securely connects bluetooth vitals devices to health records without complex setup, WiFi, or mobile applications.

Healthcare leaders are struggling with the reality of the digital divide and integrating hundreds of point solutions across the care continuum.

Patients simply plug in the Hub and use their vitals device.
Care teams can better monitor patient trends and alerts within their preferred workflow.

With Stel, patients don’t require Wi-Fi, smartphones, or tech-literacy to connect with their care teams. 

Stel passively and securely connects the device data to their care team’s Electronic Health Records (EHR) or preferred platform without risking Protected Health Information (PHI) or complicated workflows. 

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Overall Top 10 Stel Vitals Hub Alternatives & Competitors

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