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Top 10 PatientConnect Complete Alternatives & Competitors

PatientConnect Complete is the most comprehensive solution for patients, supported by the HRS standard kit including the HRS tablet accompanied with a scale, BP monitor, and pulse ox. Clients have the option to opt for additional peripherals should they see fit, with the option to choose from a thermometer, glucometer, 2 in 1 one-lead ECG and live listening stethoscope, etc. Additional peripherals are available at additional cost. PatientConnect Complete units are ready to go out of the box – including Bluetooth pairing, charged and ready for use by patient. Biometric Devices Supported All HRS peripheral devices are FDA approved and connected through Bluetooth to our tablets. Peripheral devices automatically push patient readings into the clinical portal for analysis. Bluetooth devices allow the biometric readings to automatically load into the tablet and will flow over to the Clinician portal. Patients can also manually enter their readings. PatientConnect Complete has the ability for multi-channel videoconferencing, phone calls, and messaging to clinicians and family memebers.
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Overall Top 10 PatientConnect Complete Alternatives & Competitors

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