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Top 10 Virtual Triage Alternatives & Competitors

Virtual Triage efficiently tackles the first mile of care by getting patients to the right care, at the right place and time with the right type of provider.

  • Avoid unnecessary ER and urgent care utilization
  • Promote convenient and consumer-centric care access
  • Enable better care navigation, including emergency, primary, and specialty care
  • Reduce high-volume, low-value administrative burdens on care teams by streamlining care routing and appointment booking processes

Clearstep’s Virtual Triage algorithms are built on top of Schmitt Clinical Content and are unique to each patient’s symptoms, acuity, and situation. Dr. Barton Schmitt is the co-author of the telephone triage protocols used in ~95% of call centers around the country and have been validated in over 200 million telephone triage encounters. They are the gold standard for telephone triage and Clearstep is the only provider of Schmitt Clinical Content for chat-based digital self-triage. In a double-blinded study, Clearstep’s triage routing exceeded 95% accuracy when compared to the judgment of a panel of ER doctors in a live, community-hospital setting.

What value does the Virtual Triage Solution provide?

Patient Acquisition:

Use Clearstep as a lead-generator, finding consumers online with care-seeking intent, bringing them through triage, and helping them book care at your organization. We’ve shown 10x ROI with current clients via booking appointments with Clearstep for new patients to the system.

Patient Retention:

Make it easy for existing patients to always know what to do next for their care. Promoting Clearstep as part of SMS follow-ups post-visits or embedding Clearstep in existing patient portals can help achieve this value lever.

Patient Satisfaction:

Clearstep’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) is 4x healthcare’s average. We consistently see users leaving positive, promotional comments about our clients – we’re white-labeled, so users see Clearstep as an extension of their provider, and leave great feedback about Clearstep in the context of our client’s brand (like the examples on our homepage).

Call/Command Center Efficiencies:

Avoid patients calling your nurse triage line by deflecting them to Clearstep’s self-service triage.

Alternatively, Virtual Triage can be used to scale up non-clinical call center agents and enable to accurate triage and schedule patient appointments. 

Care Routing Efficiencies:

At the end of the day, Clearstep is all about delivering the right care, at the right time, in the right care setting. Your providers are better enabled to practice at the top of their license with Clearstep ensuring the right patients are reaching them. Your system also benefits from the efficiencies of appropriate navigation (i.e. avoiding unnecessary ER visits, promoting telehealth when appropriate, routing directly to a specialist when it makes sense, etc.)

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Overall Top 10 Virtual Triage Alternatives & Competitors

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